Monday, February 1, 2010

Baby Nurse

Just in case you didn’t know- I am so much happier this semester in Nursing. This may have to do with the fact that I don’t have a cruel instructor who despises me. Even if it does, I know that it also has to do with moving on from adult care. I love working with kids. Last week I got to practice my Spanish with an 8 year old girl who had an appendectomy, we had fun and I managed not to get lice from her.

Today my patient was an infant, not even a month old, who was born with HLHS (a congenital heart defect). I wanted to melt as soon as I saw her. She was so sweet, and still looked adorable even with oxygen tubing, an NJ tube, IVs, and scars from recent heart surgery. Her young parents were so positive and working hard to learn what they needed to before she can finally go home from the hospital with them. I think in the future it’s not going to be good for me know about all these things that can go wrong with babies, I feel like I’m in training to be the world’s most paranoid mom. Sometimes it can be so sad and hard to see little ones struggling with health problems. No one deserves it, but they especially deserve to have a happy, normal childhood. As I held that little infant in my arms and listened to her tiny heart and lungs I felt an overwhelming feeling of how much God loves each of his children. It felt so amazing to hold her; I can’t even imagine how that must feel when it’s your own baby. Those parents weren’t fretting over how their child had an abnormal heart, had to be fed by a tube, and would be lucky to make it into her teens. I could tell they just loved their baby, were grateful to have her, and wanted to do their best to make her happy.
I’m so confused now about what I want to do for my capstone this summer, I’ve been thinking labor and delivery, but I have to make a choice before I even get a chance to experience it and know if I like it. I loved working with that baby, and I’m sure it would be neat to be there when new babies are first coming into the world. I love what I’m doing right now though, and it might be safer to do something I know I’m enjoying. If I do pediatrics I don’t know if I should do surgery or oncology. Decisions, decisions. And ones I have to make soon.
(I don't get why the cap fell out of fashion, nurses dressed so much better back in the day.)


Rachel Hagen said...

i hate decision-making time. now that i'm pregnant, it seems like all i hear are sad stories of babies. but having a healthy, fully developed child is the real miracle. i have a friend that's a labor and delivery nurse, which I think would be *so* much fun. if you want to talk with her i can give you her info (although, i'm sure you have plenty of people who can help you out. she actually worked the night emily had taylor). there's also a girl here who just graduated from byu in nursing trying to find a job in the sf hospitals. if you'd like any pointers i can get you her info too. good luck with the decision making!!

Katie Hagen said...

Thanks for the info, does your friend work in the Provo area? Sorry to further the sad stories, it's hard to get a perfect story at the hospital. (Unless I work at labor and delivery I guess that would happen a lot!) I wouldn't worry about HLHS at least. :) It's incredibly rare and can be diagnosed in utero. I'm sure you know theres way more happy stories than sad, normal deliveries to healthy babies just don't get the attention. Hope you're feeling good and that things are going well with your pregnancy!

Emily Hagen said...

I'm probably totally biased, but I think being a nurse in labor and delivery would be the most amazing experience ever! I can tell you right now, I remember each and every one of those nurses that cared for me and Taylor (Ashley, Christina, and Ferrene) and they made the experience one of the most special times of my life.

Ashley said...

Ahh I feel you's hard to figure out what area you like! I really liked my Labor & Delivery rotation when I was in school(pick that over Mother/Baby for will get bored there), also the NICU is a good place. Have you thought about that? And I may be a little biased but I bet pediatric oncology would be great..sad but oncology patients are the best I think :) Doesn't Amber work with them?


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