Wednesday, August 10, 2011

our little china dolls

It's not everyday you take twin babies to china, but for us, that day is Friday. Whoa.
It is Wednesday which means tomorrow is our last day to get ready and pack, commence hyperventilation. Although lists have been made, not one thing has been gathered or placed in a bag. There's a lot to do today, babies + other countries last minute packing. So excited, so nervous. This trip would have been easier w/o the babies, but the incredible opportunity arose and the adventures must go on! Luckily Brad is our guide who knows his way around and speaks the language, I can't wait to visit where he served his mission. Traveling to china won't get any easier anytime soon- wait till the girls are mobile? Till we have to pay airfare for four? Till we have >2 kids? Who knows if and when we'll ever make it back there.
I am a little paranoid with the girls anyways (I feel like people want to steal them when I visit the state health department in SLC), I think my paranoia will help keep them safe in China. Of course I worry, but we've made every preparation possible to ensure their health and safety. Once I finish packing and we're on that plane I must sit back, roll with the punches, laugh through the baby cries, and make my best effort to muster up energy for this trip. I want to enjoy it, turns out it costs a small fortune to visit china, so it will be enjoyed- the trip of a lifetime!

*If you are the praying type, I'd appreciate all the well wishes for June and Lyla's success on this trip. :) Gracias. (I don't even know how to say thanks in Chinese...brad has only taught me "that's too expensive") I will be the master shopper-negotiator!

All that being said- goodbye car seats, goodbye chocolate, goodbye breast pump, goodbye cribs, goodbye fridge, goodbye mom...


Brooke said...

Oh my gosh Katie I had no idea you guys were going to China! How fun, sounds like quite an adventure!

nerak said...

oh my goodness, could they look more like brad in this photo? i think not!

YOU'RE GOING TO CHINA! you're going to have a blast. i'm reeeeeeeeeeeeally excited for you.

Alicia said...

I'm sure you will have an amazing time. It's too bad babies can't remember all the fun things you do with them. :) I'm looking forward to seeing a bunch of great pictures when you get home!

The Taylors said...

Oh my gosh you are so brave! And lucky! I am taking my SINGLE baby to phoenix and am nervous about the plane ride..I can't imagine flying TWO to China!!

Good luck, it will be amazing! Have fun!

kristen kathleen said...

Wow! What an awesome adventure you'll have. I hope you guys make it to Guilin. Can't wait to hear/see the updates when you get back. Have a great trip!

Rachel Hagen said...

Yu guys are going to have so much fun! Let me know if you'd ike any adivce, there were a few lessons I learned :)


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