Sunday, August 28, 2011

P.S. 6 months old

BTW the girls also just turned 6 months old! Just thought I'd throw that out there before I get deep into the heart of China posts. It's been a busy month, I hope June and Lyla aren't offended if I write them a combined note just this once?
Dear Lyla and June,
You are already 6 months old, it was half a year ago that you were born! That is crazy to me. You aren't the tiny babies you once were, and are quickly catching back up it the size department. You've both been pretty advanced in all the new skills you're learning. Before our trip to China this month miss June, you started dragging/army crawling all over the place, I'll have to post a video. On the trip you started getting high up on her hands and feet and almost doing the real-deal crawling. Lyla, you are always just a short step away, now rolling with ease all over the place and beginning to get the dragging of the body thing going. Even though you don't move quite as much as June, you still figure out some way to get what you want, even if it's aross the room- you roll and turn and get what you want eventually! All this mobility made sleeping arrangements on the trip pretty difficult! Only one place we stayed had little cribs for the two of you. Can you believe we took you to such a far away land when you were so tiny? You girls did great on the trip, the people there couldn't get enough of you. We weren't sure how you'd go over there since you aren't blond & blue eyed, but your extreme cuteness and doubleness made you mega-celebrities. Everyone had to touch you and take pictures of you. Don't be surprised if you're traveling through Asia one day and see a picture of you as a baby in some random person's house there. 
You both have turned into such movers, you aren't sitting up on your own yet and I can't really imagine you willing to because you don't like to be in the same place for a minute. (unless you're being held) It really was so fun traveling with you. It's also kind of nice to be home where you can move all over relativly clean carpet to your heart's content and I have no fear of over heating or dehydration. You both make the cutest faces and noises all the time. You like to babble and blow bubbles. I'm not much of a morning person, and don't like being woken up, but you are irresistably cute in the morning. You smile at me so sweetly and grab at my face (in a cute way). You've tried a lot of new foods now and pretty much love all of them. It is so funny when I feed you both because after you've had a bite and I go to give your sister one you both will kind of yell and get very impatient that you have to take turns. It's a good lesson to learn though. :) By necessity you both have to be good at taking turns and sharing. You are both really happy babies and you love to look at people. You are little mama's girls, but you love your daddy too and give him big smiles when he comes home from work.  People always comment how happy you are! In church today we almost had to take you out of sacrament because a little girl was making you laugh so hard- it was so loud the entire congregation was turning around to see what was going on. I'm the luckiest mommy in the world, I'm so glad you're mine.

here is a video that again, is probably more enjoyable if you put it on mute and save yourself from my annoying baby voice!

here is a little video (from last month) that isn't the most impressive demonstration of june's crawling skills, but I love it because when she goes all crazy with her legs it looks just like when bambi was learning to walk.

for some reason the unsuccessful videos are funny to me. Lyla is such a talker- she makes so many noises. Of course, when I try to video this, she just moves her mouth in silence as if the video is on mute. :)

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