Tuesday, September 27, 2011

7 months

It seems like the girls have grown up so much in the past few days.  They are little aware people now, which makes me feel so bad when I leave them and the want to be with me. (and I'm talking like leave to brush my teeth, not on a vacation!)  They are aware of each other and play together so much more now which is my favorite thing to see, it's so cute! Now that all our favorite TV series are starting again I often find myself watching them instead of the show, babies are much better entertainment than any of the top producers could come up with! What is it about watching your own baby that is so enthralling? Sometimes its because they're discovering something new- pulling wipes from the container, shaking a diaper, trying to get in the small crack between the TV and DVD case, mesmerized watching their own hand move. The little faces they make are priceless. Other times they really aren't doing anything but sitting there being a baby and I just can't get enough of it. They are so beautiful, curious, and fun.  They are small for their age and advanced at the same time, so whenever I take them out I get starry-eyed strangers exclaiming how amazing it is that they sit up so well, are so alert, interact with them etc. Everyone thinks the girls love them because they'll smile and giggle and play with anyone. I don't ever tell them that's just how the girls are, why not let everyone feel special? ;)

You little gerber baby you. Your little baby chub is coming in so cute and you have the sweetest little smile to match your perfect baby cheeks. You love food with a passion, a little lady after your mama's heart.  We hardly knew you moved till we started feeding you little rice puffs- it took you less than a day to basically master hand-eye coordination to get as many of those little babies into your mouth as quickly as possible.  We'll put a line of them out in a room and you're from one side of the room to the other in a flash. If we left a trail you'd probably make it around the block.  I love watching how fast you grab them and shove them in your mouth. You seriously love food! Lately you love to pound your right arm up and down, when you're excited but mostly when you want something. If you want me to hold you or if you want food- your little mini-tantrums have begun! ;) You love it when I hold you up in the air above me and move you back and forth. You're still a big talker and make the funnest noises. I wouldn't be surprised if you started learning words early.  You're still my little cuddly koala baby and  I love to hold you in my arms.  You get around where you want to go and do it fairly quick, I'd say you're crawling, but you haven't quite got the R/L back and forth thing down, what you do is like the best arm crawl ever invented.  You were playing with the DVDs a couple days ago and I saw a big plastic sticker off one of them stuck to your cheek, before I had a chance to get it off you had swallowed it. It gave me such a scare because you kept coughing and struggling with it in your throat and I couldn't get it out. I rushed you over to Dr. Jed's, but by then it was no where to be found. I guess DVD cases don't make good baby toys. You are such a darling, chubby, lovable baby- so glad you're mine!
love, mama

You never run out of energy, I've never seen a baby like you and it amazes me. By 6 months you were already crawling, sitting, and pulling yourself up! At 6 months you also weighed a grand total of 12.0 lbs- it's not everyday you see such a young baby performing such skills, but a baby of your size is unheard of! It is seriously so funny to watch- you are so cute. You pretty much amaze everyone who sees you.  It is going to be hilarious when you're walking, which I have a feeling won't be too far off... I am sorry to report sleep is not in your repituar of skills- you can fall asleep almost exclusively being held. 9 out of 10 times when I put you in your crib you wake right back up and it takes several tries to get you to sleep. You wake up in the middle of the night and pop right up with your head over the crib edge, begging to get out. Me and daddy have both slept with you a time or two- but when we do we think you're asleep right next to us, and if we look at you you're wide-eyed in the dark staring at us!  I'm not gonna lie, sometimes it's a little creepy at night going in to check on you and seeing you standing straight up in your crib, with wide eyes waiting for me to come to you. I've put you down dead asleep and in a flash you're standing there crying to get out, it's so fast I feel like you apparate from one position to the next.  You just never want to miss out on anything and want to make sure you're in the action- which pretty much means being with me to you.  Even though I'm losing out on sleep because of you, you're a joy in the daylight hours! Yobabyproofing the house better.  You also love me to carry you around and you cling onto me like a little monkey, since you're so light I can still get a lot done around the house. :) You're such a tenacious, funny, and sweet little baby- you are so loved!
love, mama

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