Saturday, September 10, 2011

High-rising Hong Kong

I am happy to announce that day 2 in Hong Kong made up for the mishaps of the previous day. Well, it started out with an odd breakfast- I grabbed a "chocolate bun" at the 7-eleven by our hotel. It turned out to be an actual, gross processed hamburger bun with very lightly flavored chocolate inside!  Silly Hong Kong.  Luckily everything else about the day was awesome. We took a ferry to a little island called Cheung Chau, it was a quaint little boating/fishing town with a pretty nice beach. We rented little bike carts and Brad rode me and the girls around the town.
After lunch we headed back to the big city.
Brad and I wanted to sit around so we took a bus tour of the city and went around the city twice before we got off. Which was probably smart because for some reason after we got off we ended up having to wait for over an hour for the next bus! It ended up being a great way to relax and see the city though.
The girls loved having so much to look at all the time.
As usual, feeding and changing diapers on the go.
We were going to take a tram up the the famous peak, but the line for the tram was over a 1 1/2 hour wait, so we took a taxi. The whole trip there was always just SO many people EVERYWHERE.  You start to wonder where they all came from, why they were there, and where they were going. Kinda makes you want to teach lesson 3, doesn't it?
Anyways, we made it up there.  First we went to the lookout on the city side. It is incredible how they've packed in all of the buildings and skyscrapers into such a tiny amount of land between steep mountains and ocean. The view was incredible.
I was starting to look a little mangy. It was a sweaty just never shows for Brad, Lyla, or June- I keep it real.
Next we went to the lookout of the back side of the island, which was such a contrasting beauty.  It was like we had just seen NYC on steroids, then hopped over to Hawaii.  We were there just in time for the sun setting and it was so pretty.
We grabbed some dinner with a cool atmosphere before getting a view of the city at night:
Not a bad view.  I didn't even edit these pictures, and it was even more amazing in real life!
We ate the yummy BBQ pork again before going to bed and saying goodbye to Hong Kong. I can't believe we did all that in one day! (kinda the motto of the whole trip)  Our stay in Hong Kong was just like the city itself- tiny, but packed tightly with awesomeness.

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