Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chocolate cake forever!

So a couple months ago I spent a bit of time writing a well thought out blog post with all the pictures I wanted to use and somehow it got deleted without saving as a draft. I was a little put out and it may have even contributed to my lack of blogging for a couple months. Here's my less thought through version of that post because I just had to share the details about my exciting cake for life win a couple months back!
First you must know that Magleby's is my favorite chocolate cake, in fact I had it for our wedding cake. Also you must know, I feel like I pay my "dues" watching more sports than I ever intended to and watching the girls while Brad attends even more sporting events without me. This year I was paid in full for the march madness, the season tickets of BYU games during the holidays and always during the girls bedtime, the sporting vacations while I babysit- it was all made worth it at the very last BYU game of the season. 
We were asked if we wanted to participate in the half time cake eating contest and I begged Brad to join me (only 3 people compete so our odds would be great!), but he wasn't interested. So I asked them if I could bring the girls to do it with me and when they said  I could I went for it! What's 20,000 onlookers when I've got my 2 favorite people in the world with me?
 It was actually the same day we'd had the girls birthday party so they'd already chowed down on chocolate cake a couple hours earlier, but I knew the girls were my only hope of being a crowd favorite, regardless of the amount of cake I'd eat.
 They only give you 30 seconds to eat so the girls were barely warming up to eating the cake when the clock stopped. I was just relieved I managed to try and dig in the cake myself and feed some to both girls while holding them both...and not dropping anyone!
 The crowd cheered at least 10 times louder for June and Lyla than their other worthy competitors, it was an easy win. I thought I'd won cake each week for a year. Brad thought it was once a month forever. When I went into the restaurant I discovered it was a free cake every week for my whole life, as long as the restaurant is open! So we are now a magleby's family and I love them even more!
 We had a little run in with Jimmer during the half time while waiting for our contest.
We are definitely reaping the benefits of our victory!
Let us eat cake!


LL said...

That's awesome!
Those two are like little secret weapons...i love it!

Than and Erica said...

I don't know what I'm more jealous of....your pics with Jimmer or the chocolate cake! That truly is the best cake and you are so dang lucky!!!!

Brooke said...

I love this whole story! And seriously, that is the BEST cake!

Alicia said...

I feel so left out that I have never eaten Magleby's cake. I guess it's a big Utah Valley thing? Geoff's family is over the moon about it, and they all had it for their weddings, but I have never tried it. (Sad face.) Congrats on winning, and if you ever feel like sharing the wealth, I would love a taste. :)

Unknown said...

that is awesome!! i want a taste too :) i think we need a little nursing reunion!

AbbyS. said...

How cool are you?!? Cake for life. I'd be bigger than a house. At least you always have something to bring to a family gathering or a potluck!!


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