Thursday, April 12, 2012


Clear back in February we were lucky enough to get a trip to Kauai with the Hagen family, and no one can complain about an expense paid trip to Hawaii! Although I'll admit the trip got off to a rough start. We missed our flight which meant me and Brad were traveling alone instead of with the rest of the family, and we also had to spend the ENTIRE day in the LA airport instead of on the beach in Hawaii. It was rough, here is a blurry image of one of the many new skills the girls picked up while stuck in a little airport wing for 7 hours, pushing their stroller.
 After a rough day and a rough night, the view of Hanalei Bay was a sight for sore eyes.
 We tried to go to the beach where Bethany Hamilton always surfed, but it was a hike and the waves seemed too big for us- we turned around quick.
 beach babes.
 Is my hat on straight?
 Little Hawaiian babies!
 And a duet, Lyla on the ukelele while June sings. ;)
 Family pictures
 Little family
 Lyla was obsessed with the ocean water. She fearlessly crawled right into the ocean. She also tried to get into small buckets of ocean water. (and she drank plenty of it too) June crawled around the sand in huge circles, just staring at the strange ground underneath her.
  It was exhausting work playing at the beach, lots of drink breaks.

 Um, the view is the other way girls.
 Our little pea pods were perfect for the trip, the girls took breaks from the sand in there & even napped a couple times at the beach.
When we weren't at the beach the girls were finding water anywhere they could at home.
Bubbles were fun for all!
 I have a thing for babies in sunglasses, too bad the girls don't have that same "thing", still managed to get a couple pictures though.
Tropical babes.
 The hot tub was a hit.
Hey Lyla, you've got a little sand on your...oh, never mind, we'll wait till we're off the beach.
 They were in love with playing in the sand. I wish we lived by a beach sometimes. (Sand pits really aren't the same)
 Reaching for daddy <3
 Babies in bikinis, gotta show off those pot bellies!
 Such fun!
 June, you've got sand everywhere and your swimsuit is, ahem, falling off. ;)
 Hahaha...I can't get enough of this pic of Lyla falling off of daddy's "ride" (she was fine)
 After that she was more hesitant...
 Little crabs
 A family picture

 Some of my favorite people: (not a bad background either)

 Fulfilling my lifelong dream, sailor babies! I wish my mom had kept my baby sailor outfit, but these little dresses I found are pretty darling too. :)
 In case you're concerned about safety, Brad is standing behind them with his hands on their backs. :)
 I love this.
 Sweet things
 Oh my gosh, sand!


Cupcake Crazy Gem said...

Oh my gosh your girls just get more adorable with every post! How lucky that you got to go to Hawaii - it is my lifelong dream to go -that scenery is just stunning! and I completely love your family pic with all the colour co ordination of the pink and green, it's awesome!

Haylee said...

Oh my goodness!! I cannot tell you happy this post makes me!! 1st- I am so happy you got to go to Hawaii!! That is fantastic!! 2nd- That picture of Lyla is so funny! The woman's face is priceless! I don't think I'd be laughing so hard if you hadn't said she was fine!! 3rd- All of your family pictures are darling! I LOVE your causally coordinated outfits!! Can your family be any cuter? 4th- You are gorgeous! Yes, gorgeous!! 5th- Are we to play soon?

Becky said...

What a fun trip! Your family is adorable. And you are an amazing photographer! All your pictures look amazing!

Brooke said...

this is just the cutest ever!

mylittlehome6 said...

I'm such a slacker too! It's hard to keep up on baby books and blogs. So don't feel bad.

They're still so adorable.

I LOL'ed at the terrified expression on the womans face after one of the little ones tumbled off backwards from the boogie board. Hilarious!


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