Saturday, July 21, 2012

the 4th of Julyla

Summer fun checklist:
schools out! (hasn't applied for years, but...) check.
the weather is warm! check.
pool days! check, keep checking...
BBQs! check.
visit the zoo! check. As a family... TO DO
go on a hike! TO DO check!
breakfast at Ruths! TO DO
4th of July! check.
Pioneer day/handcart days! pretty much check.
birthday/anniversary celebration! TO DO check!
I also kinda want to drive up to bear lake for a day trip... TO DO
I've almost got everything out of the summer that I want to. It's funny because from January-March all I can think about is summer weather. I want to be sweating in the sun. I don't mind being hot, I prefer it 100x to being cold. But by midsummer I always start getting an itch for the change that autumn brings. Sweaters. Changing leaves. Caramel apples. Pumpkin cookies. The anticipation of the best holidays of the year. October through December is by far my favorite time of year.
Summer used to be so cool because you were out of school, but without school little changes- I have a few fun things to check off the list and July has 2 fun holidays (2 in Utah anyway) that break up the summer nicely.

The fourth of July is always fun- BBQ, fireworks, instilling patriotism.
  Unfortunately Brad wasn't in town this year and I couldn't keep the girls up past 8:45 so I had a nice, quiet 4th with my mom.
 We went to a neighborhood breakfast then headed up to Midway for the holiday.
 I took a few pictures of the girls at home before we left.
 They were inspecting progress on our never ending deck project.
 dusty bums
 They love running around in the yard.
 I love that they can't get out.
Pioneer day isn't till the 24th, but in Bountiful we always celebrate it early, because Bountiful is just awesome like that."handcart days" is by far the funnest day in Bountiful! They have little carnival rides, booths where you can buy rolled gold and tiger paws, and my very favorite parade.  In my opinion, the perfect balance of small town candy throwing and handing out of flags, mixed with a few impressive floats that are used in the big Salt Lake parade on Pioneer day- just right. In the evening they do a respectable fireworks show and I have great memories sitting in front of my parent's house watching the fireworks together.
 The girls loved it!
 I love this pic, my nephew tommy is hilarious.
 It was my other nephew's birthday!
 Lyla never let go of that flag.
 June never let go of her chips.
 They thought they were the parade at first, you know, until it started.
I won't even tell you what time my bro-in-law woke up to get us these awesome seats...let's just say Bountifulites take their handcart days seriously! Thank you rich for your dedication. :)
 Doesn't it kind of look like L&J are in charge of crowd control?

Brad has never been to handcart days since we've been married. The first newlywed year he was out of town. I watched the fireworks with friends and imagined how fun it would be to be with Brad. Last year he was out of town again. I sat through the parade and tried to get the girls to notice everything with my family.  I was disappointed when we weren't going to be able to go this year- we had 3 comitments in one night! In the end we decided to just make appearances at all of them- we gave the girls their first "taste" of a parade, hung out for a few minutes at Brad's big summer work party, and enjoyed seeing family at a wedding dinner. We really packed it in last night! The girls didn't even go to bed till after 9 which is the longest they've ever stayed up. It was a fun evening and I was so glad we finally got to go to the parade as a family!
I love the July holidays celebrating sacrifices for freedom, the sacrifices of my pioneer ancestors, and my love of America and Bountiful. God bless America, land that I love!


LL said...

Cutest little All American Dolls!!!

Micheli said...

Que niƱas tan bonitas tienes Katie! amo ver tu blog

Alicia said...

Hey, I know I'm super late in commenting, but I love all your cute pictures. And every time I see "the fourth of Julyla" on the sidebar on my blog it makes me giggle a little.


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