Thursday, November 11, 2010

in costume

So Halloween was a while ago, but I've been busy getting a couple baby quilts ready to take on a little trip with me...but I still wanted to share our awesome costumes on la blog.
Anyone who knows me knows I love an excuse to dress up- whether it be for something fancy or looking ridiculous- as long as its out of the ordinary I'm always entertained. I guess its one more outlet for my artistic side to enjoy.
Last year halloween snuck up on us, so I was the token witch (this dress is amazing btw- my mom made it forever ago, we wore it as a long witch dress when we were little and now my sisters and nieces have all had their fair share roaming in it!) Brad wasn't all into coming up w/ a costume (which doesn't make sense historically) so I just made him be Harry Potter:
 This year I wanted to make sure to incorporate being pregnant so this was our costume:
Get it? We're Quinn and Finn from Glee:
Except we're way more chaste, because we're married.
Brad loved this costume because I just gave him a puffy vest to wear and told him to try and make his hair look extra teenagery.
and I'm not the only one pregnant this year in my family- my sister Melinda and my sister-in-law Meg are both having babies around the same time as me! (and pseudo-sister Maja is having twins too) Many Lewis babes coming next year.
Melinda was a real cheerleader, can you tell? (I really need to start stretching again...)
 In the meantime, enjoy these images of adorable, pregnant cheerleader sisters:
We hung out at my moms eating chili and doughnuts, then went trick-or-treating w/ the nieces and nephews.
Hope you all had as much fun on Halloween as we did! (next year will be even better because I have two little me's to dress up as well- I can't wait!!!)

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LL said...

fun to see Melinda too! Pam and David told me that she and Meg were also pregnant. SO EXCITING for your family!!!


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