Wednesday, November 17, 2010

minor aches and pains

try not to be an overly paranoid pregnant lady, but sometimes it's hard not to be. This is my first time doing this, new things are happening to my body that have never happened before (times two) and it doesn't help that I recently finished nursing school. (giving me just enough info to get me worried, without enough experience to reassure my fears with facts on my individual case...)
So maybe I have run into my Dr's office to have them check on my babies after my rambunctious niece head butted me in the uterus when running to hug me. It freaked me out, and I didn't care that everyone in the office was certainly laughing at me after I left. I felt a little idiotic by the third time explaining the scenario (first to the secretary, then the nurse, then the doctor "now describe to trauma to me? what was that, a 3 year old girl head butting you? Hmm...she seriously thought a 3 year old running into her damaged her babies? ha. And yes, I did.)
The pregnancy discomforts are amplifying daily. Here's a couple of examples of recent concerns I've gone to my Dr. with:
*"Um, my left ribs have been numb for the past 3 weeks. " That doesn't seem good right?
SELF DIAGNOSIS: inflamed gallbladder? ....some kind of nerve damage??
DR. DIAGNOSIS: sounds like stretching ligaments, get used to it during pregnancy.

*I occasionally feel sharp, tingly pulling in the middle of my stomach at random times.
SELF DIAGNOSIS: maybe one of the placentas is pulling away from the uterus.
DR. DIAGNOSIS: sounds like stretching ligaments, get used to it during pregnancy.

*Okay, but what about a really sharp, intense pain on my lower right side that happens at night sometimes...this ones got to be serious, right? I better check, just in case...
SELF DIAGNOSIS: appendicitis.
DR. DIAGNOSIS: sounds like stretching ligaments, get used to it during pregnancy.

Apparently if you're pregnant and not bleeding, you can blame pain on your poor, overstretched ligaments, doing their best to support your enormous uterus. Hang in there guys, we've still got a long way to go. I know you used to just have to hold onto a little lemon-sized muscle, that little lemon grew into a watermelon, in fact it will be more like 2 watermelons...good luck w/ the stretching, dear ligaments. I can handle your stretching pain as long as you do your job.
It's amazing our bodies can do this whole thing! I've tried to explain to Brad that I can have a stomach ache in my ribs, here's why:


Bre said...

haha. I SO understand you! I had to go to the hospital for a routine Non-Stress Test (Something they do with women prego with twins). I said I was in so much pain and I didn't understand why. I asked the nurse if it was possible I was having contractions (I was afterall, 8 months pregnant) and she said, "No, your uterus is stretched to the max and now it's trying to stretch somemore." yeah, awesome. Don't worry, it's SO WORTH IT!

LL said...

You make me laugh and make me feel so grateful that I don't ever have to go through that again.
It really is worth it. SO WORTH IT!
You're CUTE, Hang in there!

kristen kathleen said...

Wow - I can only imagine how intense having twins must be. I like the self-diagnoses(plural?) though - they crack me up mostly because I'd probably think the very same thing. I suppose stretched ligaments are better than gallbladder/appendicitis/placenta issues, but still, pretty insane what two little kiddos can do. I hope the last few months go quickly for you!

Natasha said...

Don't feel too silly about your doctor visits. I guarantee they get it all the time from 1st time moms. We're all paranoid and why not go see the doc just to make sure? It never hurts to be too safe, right? may hurt your sanity, but that's about it.

We'll be in Utah over Christmas, we should get together!


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