Friday, November 26, 2010

thanksgiving was "perfect"

So I just tweeted about how Thanksgiving was perfect. It really kind of was, but it made me laugh reading those words because I probably wouldn't have said that in the chaos of yesterday morning! I woke up at 4:30 and couldn't get back to sleep, so I decided to help my mom get the turkey in at 6 since I had nothing else to do. So we prepared the turkey in the dark. That was kinda fun. My sister came over a few hours later and we began pie prep, among them this beautiful looking pumpkin pie with pureed roasted hazelnuts. I roasted the nuts the night before and made the dough and baked it perfectly in our neighbor's oven who was out of town. While carrying it back to the house I thought "it is so hot and perfectly cooked, it needs to cool down now" I thought I'd brush the bottom of it in the snow on the bushes before putting it in the garage. All at once the glass pie container cracked down the middle fell between my mitted hands and crashed to the ground, shattering into a million pieces and spreading less than appetizing looking remains all over my parents walkway. I still probably would have cried in normal conditions, but being pregnant, I just started sobbing. I came inside and my dad cleaned it up for me after being reassured I hadn't fallen on ice. I went back to my mom and sobbed some more. I'd acctually made extra pie crust, but we had just baked them into cookies. My mom, dad, and me all scrambled to put together another pie crust, hazelnut paste, filling, and get going on all the other food. It looked decent for how fast we made it, and it ended up being pretty delicious so I'm glad I made #2.  I actually had never made dressing before so I'd complied parts of different recipes and added things that sounded good to me so I could try it this year. I was so rushed I just threw things I'd bought together and hoped it worked. It turned out great too, so all in all it was a thanksgiving miracle!
Brad woke up just a little before we were ready to eat and was kinda like " you broke a pie, then made it again. big deal. thats funny." He wouldn't have laughed in the heat of it all though, my glares then probably could have killed. The meal was fantastic and once I sat down to enjoy all the food I really appreciated it and loved it. Turkey was tender. Gravy was well seasoned. Mashed potatoes were creamy. Dressing was savory goodness. Yams were perfectly sweet and lovely. Cranberry chutney elevated the flavor of the turkey. Rolls were fluffy clouds of heaven. Pies topped it off. We had fun with our family and it was all yummy!
I've enjoyed hearing about what other people are thankful for this year, and especially this year my heart really feels full of gratitute. I may get a little phsyco in the chaos of things at times, but I am always reminded quickly that I am blessed and life is good.

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Rachel Hagen said...

Why do certain foods make the traditions and holidays?! You'll have to teach us that amazing honey butter at Christmas time...


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