Tuesday, December 14, 2010

a man of many talents

Our family puts together gingerbread houses over Thanksgiving every year. My mom, sisters, and I only got around to baking them and getting the basic structure together. So we've had this charming, but bare little house sitting on our table for a while now, and I decided decorating it would make a good FHE activity.
Brad is actually really good at this stuff- he's very creative and sometimes we're both working on things and I notice his is just a little cuter. I think to myself- hey, this is my thing...I'm supposed to be better than you at this. (at least he wouldn't know how to roll out/bake the dough or do stained glass windows, right?...) Oh well. It's so backwards- I built the house and he decorated. :) Luckily I get to do most of the decorating in our life-size home! Notice the snowman sledding and the ivy growing up the house? Yup, Brad did that. He truly is a man of many talents.
He is...the most interesting man in the world. XX


M+H said...

Every time I see your cute stained glass gingerbread houses I want to come to your parents house on Thanksgiving so bad so I can learn and share in the festivities. SO CUTE! I'm jealous. One of these years, you just might have to teach me. Jolly Ranchers? Life Savers? What's the trick? I still remember making those thumb print cookies at your house even if you don't remember it. :)

Brad and Britt said...

that is probably one of the FANCIEST gingerbread houses ever! That is amazing that you guys made that whole thing by yourselves! I am in AWE1 ! You look amazing prego by the way! I am hoping that you are feeling well

Shooting Star said...

Hey Katie! Cute blog. Your husband is amazing and so are you. Stained glass windows? Seriously?! Our ginger bread houses are little graham cracker huts. :P


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