Sunday, December 12, 2010

trim the tree

A week or two ago we went to our favorite little tree lot and picked out a tree. Last year was our first Christmas together and we were a little frivolous when picking out the tree...this year we agreed we would go a little more charlie brown style. However, we got an awesome deal on a tall if not somewhat sparse wild (as opposed to perfect-shaped farmed) tree. Once I filled in the blanks w/ decorations it was actually quite lovely:

I love colored lights, I know all white is more elegant and adult-like, but I grew up w/ a beautiful, festive tree every year filled with colors- and I want our tree to be just as magical.
I love to pick out ornaments when I'm on vacation somewhere, they bring back fun memories when I see them. Although less sentimental, also enjoy finding cute ones on sale after Christmas, but my favorite way to get ornaments is inheriting them from my mom's surplus decor.
These are a couple of my favorites:
My great aunt Vilo's snowflakes that she crocheted or tatted or something very special and labor intensive like that:

My mom gave me this ornament of my Grandma Burt's, I will probably worry about breaking it every year:
I got this little treat after Christmas last year, it's beauty and significance to me is self-evident:
This is a Russian ornament that I got in Alaska while visiting my parents on their mission. I can't quite explain why I love it. Maybe the bell. Maybe the painting. Maybe how it's reminiscent of an Alaskan winter wonderland and a fun, mission-y time in my life:
I made this little baby Jesus in young women's, I was probably 13. For some reason I just love getting it out every year and sitting it on a quaint little branch:
One more nice addition this year is stockings with our real names on them. I still bought them cheapy, they just happened to have our names on them at the store! (thanks to my sister Melinda for finding them) I'll probably have to unpick them and embroider mommy and daddy for next Christmas, but I'll worry about that next year.
I just love Christmas- the goodies, the decorations, the music- I always have big plans, but this Christmas will be a success if I at least make a few fabulous treats and remember to keep myself and this tree hydrated.


LL said...

I love the little glimpses into your life--it's BEAUTIFUL all around.
(we need to talk more about your Burt relatives) Our Bishop is a Burt and he comes from a HUGE family in Utah. Wonder if there is any sort of relation.

Brooke said...

Such a fun and beautiful tree! I have to admit when I was picking out and decorating my tree this year I kept thinking about that year we got one and decorated our whole living room with ornaments and snowflakes...good memories!

Rachel Hagen said...

Looks like a beautiful tree! Also looks like you guys did some updating to your place, it looks beautiful!


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