Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 comes in w/ a BANG

Dear 2011,
I forgive you, but you better make it up to me...
Not the happiest New Years- I was crazy sick all day, which I learned is a bad combo when you're 7 months pregnant. Without the nasty details- I was in the bathroom every few minutes for one reason or another. I couldn't keep a sip of water, sprite, or gatorade in me, which led to some severe dehydration, which led to contractions. I was in so much pain and started feeling almost too weak to walk to the bathroom- after several hours I decided I probably needed some fluids.  We went to the L&D unit and I got a couple thousand mls of D5 1/2NS pumped into me, as well as some much appreciated anti-nausea meds. My ketonuria was so bad that the nurse thought it was hematuria at first, can't say I blame her- that was some weird looking pee. I wish I could have just been given fluids and been on my way, but of course I had to go through the whole hoopla and we were there for over 4 hrs- I can't really complain though because I felt like a different person afterwards- like I was just normal sick, which felt way better than super dehydrated w/ frequent contractions on top of everything else...
I never thought yesterday would end, I'm soo happy its today now.

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Kathryn said...

That sounds dreadful. Except for the fact that I did not understand any of the words you said except for diarrhea, pee, and contractions. :)
Glad you are doing better!!


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