Tuesday, January 4, 2011

sisters, sisters

A lovely belly line up of me, my sister Melinda, and sister-in-law Meg.  All expecting within weeks of each other!  It's too fun.  So that's 4 new babies coming next month in the Lewis household.  The Hagens will add 3 to their # this year with me and my sister-in-law Emily.  Plus there are 2 more bonus babies coming in a few months on the Lewis side if you count pseudo-sister Maja's twins. And if you've been on facebook recently you may notice every other news feed is about someone having a baby.
So, if you've been considering having a baby, now is the time- everyone is doing it.
We just went to the doctor again today- our girls continue to grow healthy and strong- 50th percentile in size, no signs of preterm labor at all. This is great news, but its also looking like we may have to go hang out at "jump on it" for Valentines to get things moving along. :)


Colby and Steph said...

Look how cute you guys are. I can't wait to see all of these babies.

Bre said...

So So SO cute! You're almost done! Just keep hanging on! Just try to keep them in as long as possible. You'd rather be uncomfortable for a couple weeks than have your babies spend a couple weeks in the NICU right? :)

Katie Hagen said...

bre- of course i would rather be uncomfortable, but valentines is 6 weeks from now, i'll almost be 37 weeks and wouldn't mind if they made their appearance then. :)

LL said...

LOVE that picture! So so fun!!!


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