Wednesday, January 12, 2011

keep rubbing my muscles, I'm eating for 3

Brad is a good husband. He gave me prenatal massages for Christmas and I just got my first one today. Best. Gift. Ever.
I had high expectations and it totally lived up to it. There were special shaped cushions all over the table like a puzzle with big dips for lumpy places on your body- I got to lay on my stomach for the first time in months. It was so amazing. Everything about it was awesome, if you were all prego like me I'd expect you to be pretty jealous.
I decided to take a pic today of how funny my tight t-shirts are now.
Before I had to hold back all the loose shirt for a pic, just to make sure you knew I had a girlish figure. :)
A ranting side note: when I first went in to the massage place I noticed she had pics all over the walls of her water birth. Yummy... She proceeded to give a little shpeel about natural home births. I've already learned my lesson not to be over zealous about sharing my strong opinions on the topic, so I just smiled politely and thought to myself "you have no idea how pointless it is to talk to me about this lady"...Now massage my sad muscles, please. :)
Its gotten easier to not go off on my opinions on such topics since I no longer have crazy/hippy/liberal ideas being dished to me daily from U of U professors. (Who would have thought nursing school had so much to do with global warming, dogs, and gay rights?) And if you have a nurse midwife for a professor you also get to learn about how women don't need epidurals or those fancy-shmancy "hospitals".
Since this is my personal blog and those who don't like it don't read it- I don't fear offending the kind souls who do read it (or worry about having my name submitted in the world of gossip and rumors). So I will tell you this- I believe that modern medicine and technology is a blessing that can and should be used to benefit and promote a healthy life. I know it's all trendy, but pretending like you're a pioneer without all of these benefits is so silly to me. The miracle of birth is still there whether you're in pain or not, at home or in a hospital, or even if you end up needing a c-section. The miracle is a new life coming into the world, that's the important, beautiful part. I never got sick of seeing that in L&D, it is seriously incredible. Do you have any idea how different survival rates are for newborns because of what can be done for you in a hospital when something goes wrong? You could never be monitored and ready quickly for an emergency c-section if needed at home like you would be in a hospital. I don't get why you'd take your chances when dealing w/ a baby's life... but that's just me.


Me said...

maybe it's the nicu nurse in me. but, katie, i couldn't word it better myself. i have totally strong feelings about home births. i have seen so many home births that resulted in sometimes totally devastating complications. that being said, i am pretty sure most home births go just fine. but, when you are the exception - your life could be 100% changed. and all when modern medicine could have likely changed your babies life for the better.

also, you are cute. and i am so excited to meet your little babes!!!

Alicia said...

Your post made me smile. I think I'm somewhere in between those "crazy/hippy/liberals" and you as far as my opinions about l&d. I completely agree that home births are pretty risky. Throw in a shoulder dystocia and you've got a medical emergency that can result in maternal and fetal demise. We had several botched home births come in during my capstone, and they made me really sad. For myself, I will always choose to have my babies at a hospital where I know they can get help if they need it. That being said, though, there are a lot of interventions that I don't think are necessary for every patient, like pitocin and epidurals. If people choose those things, I think that's fine, but I don't like that doctors push them on patients to make their own jobs easier. Part of being a mom is making the choices that you think are best for your own family, and nobody should feel pressured and powerless while they're doing the one of the most amazing things a woman can do.

P.S. As a fellow prego, I am totally jealous of your massages.

Rachel Hagen said...

My mom treated me to a massage while pregnant. I wasn't even all that uncomfortable during mine, and it was amazing!!
Just wait until the tight t-shirts become belly shirts. That's when it's sexy. Or when you don't even know it's a belly shirt (until your husband points it out)cause your big belly is covering the exposed part.
I don't know if it's a Utah thing, or if it's because there are more people having babies in Utah so it's more common. But I thought I'd see a lot of crazy things here in SF with deliveries, and oddly enough I haven't. Most people asked me if I was having Sam natural, and I always replied. No way. I'm taking the epidural. And they always meant c-section was the un-natural way, an epidural was. The epidural was a given. Interesting, isn't?! Anyway, glad you got some nice relief for those aching muscles. You deserve it.

janica said...

I'll have to look into one of those prenatal massages on my next pregnancy! Sounds amazing=) And I agree with your last "ranting side note" If I would have tried a home birth, I wouldn't have my little guy today. I'm all about using the modern technology that's given to us to help=)

LL said...


Bre said...

couldn't agree more! No one gives you a medal when you're done birthing if you did it naturally or in the water. My baby girl wasn't breathing right away after delivering and I was SO GRATEFUL to be in the hospital. Everything turned out ok, but you just never know and I won't take a chance when it comes to my babies!

SO SO SO SO SO Excited for you. You're babies are going to be gorgeous.

childbirtheducation said...
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Steve and Stephanie Anderson said...

A! MEN! It's crazy all the opinions people have out there of birthing options and their NEED to make you feel the same way! Epidurals? Good. REAL medically minded and trained people? Goooood. My own opinions on my own delivery? GOOOOOOOOD. You get all the epidurals and pitocin you want and relish in your pain-free bliss!
ps i saw your blog on ash's list :)


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