Wednesday, January 26, 2011

a loved fridge

When do people actually take down all their cute Christmas cards? It felt so good to take down the rest of Christmas, but pictures of our friends and family that adorn our otherwise naked fridge seems wrong.
I'm noticing I have a hard time throwing away things people give me, as evidenced by a box of jr. high notes I found the other day... am I a hoarder?


M+H said...

Don't worry, I have a box of jr. high notes too. Mostly only the ones from boys, but I still have them. Also, I keep a Christmas basket of the Christmas cards (at least the ones with pictures) we've received since we've been married. We pull it out every Christmas and it's fun to look back at everyone's pictures. My parents do the same thing and they'll have pictures of the same families for like 10 years and it's really fun to see.

Brad and Britt said...

no, not a hoarder...just a keeper of fun, reminscing things! I have been thinking about you lately....hope that you are doing well with keeping your babies cooking!


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