Sunday, November 14, 2010


Our wedding photographer, Scott Jarvie is pretty awesome and does an annual charitable shoot (for free!) for past clients. It wasn't really perfect timing for us (I was showing enough to not look normal and it was about a week before I popped out obviously), but free is always perfect, so we went with it:
we didn't mean to do this, but it was kinda cool that timp was in the background of some of these, since we hiked to the peak while pregnant with the twins- they've already been to the top!
then Jarvie asked us to lay in some hay, and since we pretty much just trust him and do what he says:
but then he had me lay in the hay (or wheat or whatever...) by myself. That felt weirder. Turns out when you lay in hay and the camera gets the right angle it looks like you're trying to be a sexy mama, even if you're just laying there kinda dazed and awkward. (I have a bunch of these shots, I don't think there's much for me to do w/ them...)
and back to standing on two feet, we do much better here:
and just in case you couldn't tell, some hand placement so you know I'm pregnant:


Bre said...

I love your long hair. Don't go all prego crazy and chop it all off like I did. I cried when I got home and regretted it ever since.

Bre said...

gorgeous pictures, ps. :)

Da Denninghoff's said...


Rachel Hagen said...

Beautiful Pics!!


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