Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm 25 weeks now and I pretty much say this every week, but I've really exploded lately. humongo exploded.
this was 2 weeks ago:
and now this week:
So much to be thankful for this year!

*an amazing husband who is always looking out for me
*two little girls that are growing inside of me
*supportive family
*the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives
*our cute house that is WARM and starting to come together, almost ready for little babes
(*I guess I'll highlight our new mirror and fireplace, I'm thrilled to have a mantle to decorate!)
*getting to make yummy holiday food

So count your blessings and cook, cook, cook!
Happy Thanksgiving!


Kimba said...

Katie, you look adorable! Love that mirror. Happy thanksgiving!

Brooke said...

Katie, I LOVE that new mantle/fireplace! And you are just as beautiful as ever!

rian said...

sad I missed you guys at the basketball game, but Sid said you seemed to be doing great. For what it's worth you still look tiny to me. Can't imagine pregnancy with two!

Kathryn said...

Katie you look beautiful, I am very happy for you. Love you!

Andrea said...

You have to share with another twin mom, WHERE u find such cute maternity clothes!!!

Katie Hagen said...

i don't know if you'll see this... but i've gotten most of my maternity clothes super cheap from old navy and khols on clearance, besides that i've bought a few shirts from nordstrom rack that weren't maternity but happen to have empire waists and are pretty dang big!


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