Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Babies first Christmas

I've always been a bit of a Christmas freak, but having your own kids really multiplies the magic and wonder of the holiday x100. It's almost hard to write about, and in fact I won't really because I bet my girls will know how to look through my blog when they're like 6 and I don't want to write anything I'll regret...
It was so fun helping Santa get ready for Christmas. When they woke up on Christmas morning we went in the nursery, changed diapers & nursed, then walked into the family room and waited for them to crawl in and find their Christmas morning surprise.
 The look of awe
and excitement
 We weren't sure if they'd really be that into it, but they immediately crawled over to the presents and went to town like they were born for it.
 They were quick to figure out that if they tore paper, there was a surprise inside.
They got a couple of my favorite childhood toys including the classic record player.
 Santa was good to them. :)
 chatterbox oldschool phone
 Daddy had to get them their first hoops of course.
 It was so fun to watch them!
 Playing with their loot.
 Santa gave them each a box of wipes to rip out, because he knows what they REALLY love.
 Then we got ready for church, why isn't Christmas always on a Sunday? It was nice after presents to be reminded of the true reason for the season, (and it's only an hour long!) :)
 I wore my engagement dress & sang in the choir- so Brad was on his own sitting with the girls.
 I'm a lucky girl to have such a wonderful family to celebrate Christmas with!

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