Saturday, January 21, 2012

10 months

 I really did write this a month ago...
I cannot believe the girls are 10 months old! Whenever I write these posts I'm reminded of a comedy skit we saw where the person was making fun of parents talking about there kids age and saying, can you believe it? She said, I'm tempted to write back, "She's in kindergarten, she was born a few years back, seems about right. yes i believe it. she's growing up and following the natural progression of life? seems about right, I believe it. if you told me she never grew up and was a tiny baby still after all these years, then i'd say, send more pictures, i don't believe it!
So I guess they are just following the normal pattern of growing, but watching your little baby change so fast is incredible, but sad too- and for some reason shocking! I like being the mother of twin babies. I'm not ready to be the mom of 2 adult children (ironic name, but it's how I see it in my head).
You are officially an adult. I know you're only 10 months old, but you had a big tooth pop down up top and 3 followed right after, now you've got a mouth full of 6 teeth! I haven't been able to get a picture of it, in fact, I haven't really tried because it makes me sad thinking about how you are changing from a little baby into something a child. You really want to walk also, per doctor's orders we set you down when you're standing and try not to encourage it. Next month we're gonna let you go though! You have been pretty hilarious. One of your new favorite things to do is bang your arms (and enrite body) incredibly hard on our big TV, like you're going to break it. We quickly whisk you away which makes you laugh your head off every time. You're a sweet little thing, I love you!
One of your favorite tricks is clapping- if we clap you clap. If we wave, you clap. If we snap, you clap. :) If your standing you'll sit down to show off your trick. You've even tried to clap one handed while balancing on one hand sitting, which was hilarious to watch. Lyla fights back more from all your toy snatching, but you don't handle it as well, you cry like a baby (I wonder why?) whenever she steals a toy from you. You really love poking eyes with your little pointer finger, its the first thing you go after on everyone, including your new doll. You have your little fangs coming down up top which will make 4 total teeth for you. Even after all the new toys you got for Christmas your favorite "toy" is the container of nose drops I've been giving you and your sister, if I don't have two of them out you fight over it like mad. You can balance really good, I'm expecting you and your sister will be taking steps in January. You're as darling as ever.

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