Tuesday, January 24, 2012

happy new year!

Yay, I'm caught up to blogging about the right year! ;) I have a confession, ever since I started using instagam I've been a bad blogger. I like blogs, I enjoy keeping a record of my life that way and it's fun to keep tabs on my friends and family...but, instagram is just SO much easier- I can snap a pic on my phone, post it with a quick thought and it's like micro-blogging. There are a few problems however..not everyone is on instagram, and since you just post one pic at a time I have no where to show off the other 10 pics I love from my little photo sessions. :) One of my goals for this year is to not perpetually be a month behind on my blog- if you're still following me you've really been a trooper, and you'll be rewarded with more consistent, concise posts. (once I finally catch up)
Besides my blog goal, I'm just hoping that this year in my second year as a mom I will be able to find better balance. The girls really threw things off balance and that's normal, but even though they're always priority #1 I'd still like to reincorporate more of my old life's loves. Including but not limited to: getting creative in the kitchen, sewing, going to zumba, scrapbooking, quilting, getting dressed everyday, reading scriptures more frequently, and keeping our house from looking like a tornado came through it every week.  Lofty goals indeed- but what it's really all about is BALANCE.
Then we said bye to all our Christmas stuff, Brad came home from work and said "Huh, it looks so empty in here...that stuff really does make it homey." It's true, but you gotta clean up eventually.
 And once all the Christmas sweets were gone I thought it seemed nice to limit them more this year- like not more than once a day, except on really hard days.
 Happy New Year everyone, I can only imagine this year will be as wonderful as last!

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emma said...

so cute, i love the pictures of them through the year!! about my wanting to sell my cupcakes/treats i've been thinking about doing kind of catering type thing. i did a few parties for people over the holidays and it was really fun! but now i'm not quite sure how to go about getting the word out there that i would like to do it more...i guess through my blog! i don't know. if you have any good ideas and want to collaborate email me! emmajoy7@gmail.com


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