Saturday, January 21, 2012

meeting santa (we KNOW him!)

Going to meet Santa. Such an epic event that every parent looks forward to. It's one of those parental moments you dream about, and it really was fun! :) As usual we made sure to err on the side of being over the top in order to ensure the girls had the best experience-they met Santa a total of 4 times. (In all fairness 3 were just coincidence.)
 A darling Santa at Disneyland, but this didn't count of course because it was in November.
They were totally intrigued by him though, they said they'd keep their eye out for him next month.

We headed over to officially meet Santa in December near our house, Mr. real beard Santa was very nice.
But as soon as June saw who was holding her she was not a fan of old St. Nick.

Lyla was all like, "what's up with that?" She kept hugging him & staring at him.  

But they got along before they met eyes.

We just happened to run into this free Santa and let me tell you- third times the charm! This was the REAL Santa, I believe in him. Definitely not one of his helpers.

 Would anyone but the real Santa sweetly quiet baby Lyla like that? Nope.
 Or comfort terrified baby June so sweetly? I think not.
 It was magical.
 Totally worth the cold wait in line...

 At least there was pretty views.


And then at my family party on Christmas Eve Santa came again to give all the little ones their first Christmas gift.
 June was beginning to warm back up to Mr. Clause by Christmas Eve, she could taste the presents.
 And Lyla was as comfortable as ever.
It's fun seeing that magical little relationship of your kids with Santa begin to develop. They had so many chances to get to know him this year, hopefully they'll feel like old friends by next Christmas... ;)

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Alicia said...

I love all the cute Santa pics! And I am so bummed that we didn't go see the Santa at Riverwoods. Geoff and I were there on a date the first weekend in December, and I saw the setup and thought it was cool, but I wasn't sure if they would allow outside photography. Next year for sure!

I love the pictures of your girls by the tree, and I will be forever grateful that you let my girls borrow it for a little while. Thanks again!


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