Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Good Morning (Bath Time).mov

Well, we have an official family videographer! I'm been wanting Brad to take on that role ever since the girls were born, but we did really only have our phones to take videos with for the most part- and I've just been too focused on taking a million photos. I forget a lot of times to do video (and rarely post the ones I do). It's one of those little regrets...I wish I had video even when the girls were just little blobs who did nothing, it would just make all that they do now seem even more amazing!
Anyways... I got Brad this gopro camera he's really been wanting for father's day. He has some big plans for using it in Alaska while he's fishing. He's also graciously accepted to use his new toy to document some of our family life as well. He made his first video yesterday of the girls taking their bath. My favorite parts are when June tries to brush the camera's teeth and when Lyla goes crazy trying to eat her bath book.
So cute and pretty impressive for day one! :) Also, if you are concerned at all by the song choice- we don't actually think anyone is trying to hate on our little angels, it's just a cute song that says good morning a lot and Brad only has a couple of songs on his computer. FYI. Don't hate.

P.S. June pooped in the tub for the first time after this video was over...disgusting, I know. I've been fearing that day and knew it was only a matter of time before one of my babies made me enter that world. I now have a new merit badge to sew on my mom sash. Except Brad cleaned it up, kinda seems like a man's job don't you think? 


laura.lewis95 said...

You're smart!!!
We have a gopro over here too...the kids love it for sports.
Lack of video is my regret too. We have a million pics, but not much video.
Those girls are so so beautiful!!! I can't wait to see you guys in Alaska.

Katy Martin said...

SO cute! I love seeing them in action. Kids always look different than in pictures!


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