Sunday, June 17, 2012


from June & Lyla for their daddy
Brad really is an amazing dad.  One of his best qualities as a dad is how he never grew up. He doesn't take things too seriously and knows how to be silly and have fun and act like a kid.  As a dad you couldn't ask for a better quality.
What a fun dad. Brad has always been a favorite among my nieces and nephews, always wrestling with them and teasing and having fun playing with them.  Now he has his own kids to do that with.
They love their daddy. "dada" was both of their first words.
 What better way to celebrate daddy than shooting some hoops?
 being silly, just like dad.
Playing with daddy's hats...


LL said...

I LOVE the creativity you put into the photo shoots with the girls!

Da Denninghoff's said...

Wow those pictures are so cute! They will totally treasure those pictures when they get older:)


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