Tuesday, June 5, 2012

water babies

Yesterday started out as one of those days. As I prepared breakfast the girls managed to get a 60-pack tub of gum out from the cupboard- I looked over to see two babies with their mouths stuffed with every single piece of gum in the container- like chimpunks with acorns. As I fished them out of Lyla's mouth June ran as fast as she could from me, I ran to get them out of her mouth and saw Lyla retrieving her gum from the garbage can, it was actually pretty hilarious and no one choked so that was nice.
After that we went grocery shopping. June kept standing in the stroller and I kept getting her back down. {my girls can maneuver their way out of just about any 5-point harness} At the checkout stand I was busy fishing all the groceries out from the bottom of the stroller when out of the corner of my eye I see a baby falling and a loud, scary smack. June was hysterically screaming with good reason as I held her and tried to finish unloading the groceries. It took a long time for her to settle down and in the car she started dozing off. I immediately panicked, was she dozing off because it's close to nap time? Because she has a severe concussion? She fell so hard right onto her head... I observed her while she napped at home and in the afternoon I literally wanted to lay on the couch and just leave the girls in some non-existent padded room with cheerios and soft toys for the afternoon. Since that wasn't going to happen I decided to try and be a fun mom and let the girls enjoy the summer weather- it turned out so fun and we all forgot about the morning's events. {June's giant goose-egg wasn't too noticeable in the pics, you might notice her left eye appears lower that her right...but it looked much better than today's shiner.
The girls laughed and played in their little "pool" for about 20 minutes, it was so fun to watch!
having too much fun
 warming up to the water...
starting to think it's hilarious
 so happy to have their constant playmate
Splish splashin' away, then they tried to move the bucket which was way too heavy for them
They are just too sweet with each other sometimes, it melts my heart.
 This was such a big hit, I'm convinced we need a real little baby pool for them to enjoy through the warm summer months!
I know I'm sharing way too many of these pictures, but I'm in love with all of them and this blog is for me- and I was never that good at following the "less is more" philosophy. :)
 June loves playing with Lyla's hair.
 perfect afternoon
 Glad I didn't let the morning get the best of me, monday was a great day!


Micheli said...

Oh my God!!!! I love to see them having so much fun! Besides, i can see how much they love each other!!! I would love to see a video!

LL said...

love it!
Less is NOT more when it comes to pics of them. Please keep posting.

Michelle said...

Less is more?? NO WAY!! The more pictures, the better!!! They look so adorable together! And I saw on one of your IG pics that you got the table, chairs, and umbrella at Toys R Us for $20!!! That's an amazing deal and such a cute little set!!!

wuxiheather said...

Oh my goodness! I just want to squish them! There is something about wet babies I just can't resist!


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