Friday, June 8, 2012

little bakers

I was organizing pictures on my computer when I realized I never posted any pictures from the girls' 1 year old baking shoot I did with them- and obviously the blog needed this cuteness, so here you go.
I'd been dreaming up combining my two favorite things ever since the girls were born. (my babies and my baking)

Set up:

I decided I would use these pics for their invites. It wasn't anything fancy, but I think the picture kinda speaks for itself and makes up for lack of graphic design skills.

I did it in place of a pre-party cake smash--it was a baby cake batter party!
 I made them some little aprons for the occasion.
 and I was planning to make fabric chef's hats, but since they were baking I wanted them to look like pastry chef hats, not just regular mushroom style chef hats.  I know that's ridiculous and no one would ever notice, so now I kinda wish I'd gone the other route they might have stayed on better...oh well, we'll live.
I was so pleased to see how quickly they accepted chocolate as a favorite food, my offspring.

 Help yourself.
 Pure adorableness, in raw form.
 Is there anything better than baking babies?

little June baker
 She likes her chocolate.

little Lyla baker
 Even after their bath I still found chocolate in Lyla's ear.
 We all had such fun!
the end.


Cupcake Crazy Gem said...

Oh my goodness, just when I think your girls can't get any more adorable! this is amazing! babies and baking are two of my favourite things as well! I am definitely bookmarking this idea away for when I have babies of my own! Soooo sweet! the idea is awesome! Your babies are just going to be the most photographed in all the land - love it! They will be so grateful for all the amazing pics when they are older - I hope they turn into creative little scrapbookers!

Haylee said...

OH my heck!! Seriously, STOP IT!!! Stop being the cutest mom ever!! I am in love with these pictures!! CUTEST INVITE EVER!!!!

Than, Erica, Pacen, Camry & Claira said...

That really could be the cutest thing ever. Than and I often talk about how cute those babies are.

LL said...

How do you come up with such FUN photo ideas?!
Seriously, you're amazing and those girls are perfection!

Brooke said...

CUTEST! I'm so glad we got to do dinner with you guys while we were in town, and I promise I'll finally write up some recipes this week and send your way!


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