Saturday, April 23, 2011

2 months!

I can't believe Lyla and June are 2 months old. I've had some of the longest nights of my life, but time is also flying by.  The girls have basically doubled their weight from when we brought them home from the hospital at 4 lbs 6 oz and 4 lbs 3 oz.  They have graduated 2 diaper sizes. (preemie, newborn, 1!) They aren't the shockingly tiny babes we brought home, they're like normal babies now! (and darling as can be) I can't get over their cuteness. Or their new fatness. I held 5 lb baby twins earlier this week and was in shock that our babies were ever so tiny.  They really do grow so fast! I went shopping after with the idea that we now had "big" babies and got some cute sandals for the girls, I thought the 3 month size would be great, I took it home and it was 4 times the size of their feet. I got newborn ones and they drown them too, I guess the girls still aren't that big.
But once upon a time they were tiny. Head the size of your fist tiny.
June came out so skinny, look at her little skin rolls:
Not anymore!  See how June has chubbed up her cheeks?
At 2 months:
Lyla started with chubby cheeks, but it was deceptive. She still had a tiny little body.
cute, chubby birth cheeks:
2 months old:


LL said...

they really are the CUTEST little girls!

M+H said...

Without even looking at the other pics, 1st pic: Lyla on the right, June on the left. AM I RIGHT??!

They really are so darn cute!

Rachel Hagen said...

yeah for two months! They're starting to grow out of that newborn stage. Sam still can't fit into baby shoes either...and he's almost a year old. My other niece that's two months older than him has the same problem. I think they size baby shoes wrong. :) Cute little girls, we can't wait to meet them!


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