Monday, April 4, 2011

the little twinners

I take all these adorable pictures with my fancy camera, but I never have time to upload them to my computer. (for some reason they upload as a weird file and I have to convert each one individually...) I'd like someone to upload pics for me so I can then use them to show off my babies via the world wide web more frequently.  Anyways, it's much easier to use pictures from my this one was taken last week when I ran the girls over to Dr. Jed for another weigh-in:
They're so cute! I should quit running over to Dr. Jed al the time to have them weighed, but we're so close and it's fun.  They weighed 6 lbs 13 oz...both of them, what little twinners! My mother-in-law was over so we got them all dressed up. It was such a lovely, warm day so we went out for a walk and lunch afterwards. I might tell you more about that wonderfulness later if I upload some pictures, but I just have to say it really is fun to go out. Everyone gushing over your babies, telling you how great you look (you know, for having twins)- I could get used to that. Seriously, a walk in the warm sun was as good as sleep, which is completely priceless. Then it snowed...I want that 70's weather back, por favor.  On a more boring note, I had my 6 week appointment today, it felt weird going there not pregnant. My doctor told me I can now do whatever I feel up to (exercise etc), I did not mention to him I really just feel up to sleeping, and walking if it's warm enough outside. :) I have major spring fever.

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Emily Hagen said...

What little cuties! I'm with you...bring on the spring sun! It's amazing what a walk in the sunshine can do after being cooped up inside for a month doing nothing but nursing...hope you get to enjoy another day like that soon!


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