Sunday, March 27, 2011

We got Jimmered

I must tell you I really just don't care about sports. 4 years at BYU and I never even bought an allsports pass. Brad still married me even though he is an extreme sports fanatic, and he knew, I made sure. This year the combo of being in the Hagen family and becoming fascinated by the Jimmer completely changed me. The Hagens got these *amazing* season tickets for Jimmer's last year so we enjoyed a lot of awesome games with awesome seats- here we are at the SDSU game:
We were going to the games up until just before the babies came, by end sitting for that long w/o my feet up did become very uncomfortable- my back would ache and my feet would swell up and hurt. But I still wanted to go. We got a free meal, and I got to see the Jimmer. I actually enjoyed watching him. Plus, basketball makes way more sense than other sports. Jimmer completely changed me. My dad and brothers loved that I cared about basketball. It wasn't just me though, my mom and sisters were known to watch the games...home...alone. This was unheard of in our family before. That boy seriously converted a nation.
Brad made sure that Lyla and June jumped on the bandwagon, they are the cutest little Jimmer fans in the whole world!
Brad even left us to go watch their sweet 16 moment in New Orleans, it was a bit disappointing...but I think they still had a good time. I got the girls dressed up and we all missed daddy.
I must say it was a privilege to watch him play. I'm talking about basketball as a privilege. Weird.
Oh Jimmer, we had such good times.  Thanks for helping me understand how fun basketball can be!
All this being said, I still watched a lot of ESPN this month that I could have done without, and I did it while nursing. So, my new family tradition that I began last year still applies- please see here for a refresher. (Brad: please review!) :)


M+H said...

ok, I REALLY want to come visit you and those cuties. When works for you? So I was thinking, I want to be able to start telling these 2 apart. They don't look THAT much alike. So any good tips to telling them apart? I love their Jimmer shirts. He even converted Mike. Mike LOVES football, but has never cared for basketball, but loved this season. Ahh, too bad it's over.

Than, Erica, Pacen, Camry & Claira said...

I am absolutely going to participate in April Madness ands Than read your post with me so he knows i'm on board. And yeah for you to like sports...even if it's just basketball. You'll love football pretty soon with Jake Heaps looking good! Luckily for me, I already loved sports but it really is a fun family activity and you can even do it with your girls. Than says, "it's okay to love sports as long as Brad takes the girls with him when he goes." That's when you can get your pedicure!


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