Wednesday, March 23, 2011

before babies

I know me and Brad are way more boring than the babies, but a few days before the babies came we took a few pictures I never shared. It makes me feel weird to look at these because it really was like another life. Every once in a while I look at the babies and it feels crazy to think that they're mine. They wouldn't be here without me and Brad. I'm completely responsible for them and have to take care of all their needs. Its weird you don't have to be a certified parent before you leave the hospital- you really don't know how to do anything. Even after a month I'm still just a rookie w/ 2 little guinea pigs...
Anyways, before the girls came we saw a lot of movies, ate at a lot of yummy restaurants, basically did whatever we wanted and really had no comprehension of what was about to hit us.
Here we are all naive and carefree just a couple days before their arrival:
Back then it was harder to blog with the big belly, but I didn't have to decide between things like recording my thoughts, showering, or taking a nap in my 1 1/2 hr window of me time... For some reason blogging is easier than a journal for me, and I can add a few of the millions of pictures I've been taking of the babes!
Here we are eating the yummiest meal at La Caille the week before their arrival: (Brad gave me a groupon thing for Christmas)
We went to my parent's place in Midway with the Hagens and saw the ice sculptures a few days before they were born too!
Oh, yeah- and we dined-in for valentines. I made an awesome meal, who knows if I'll ever make such awesome things again...
So we had some fun and now we're parents. The definition of fun is changing!

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Natasha said...

They are so adorable! I liked this: "The definition of fun is changing." :)


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