Tuesday, March 15, 2011

all you need is sleep

Today we gave the girls a bath after I fed them and then this happened: (so sweet!)
We just set them on the bed and they both cuddled up to each other and I think they could have slept there forever if I let them, after a couple hours I had to break up the fun so they could eat. It's the happiest they've looked together (normally they just kind of wack each other with their limbs or try to suck on each other...)
Today was such a good day, so nice to have after a rough day yesterday! Sunday night was no bueno. A feeding in the middle of the night took over 2 hours, then Lyla wouldn't fall asleep. I think I slept for about an hour, then June was ready to eat again. Brad wasn't home all day and I sat in my house with those 2 little babies who just wanted to eat and not sleep all morning. I didn't open the windows. I barely ate because I couldn't get the babies down. I considered calling my doctor to tell him I'd become a crazy lady. Then I got a little nap and last night Brad was a saint and gave the girls their first bottle feeding with some milk I'd pumped, I got to sleep almost 6 hours! It felt wonderful, and today I felt like a completely different person. I even got to take a sunny trip to the grocery store and I'd never felt so human. Turns out I really just needed some rest. (just like my babies!) :)


LL said...

it's good for all.

Brooke said...

Ahh how CUTE are they?!

Natasha said...

Sleep really is an amazing thing. We don't realize its importance until we can't get it. I'm glad you got some rest. Your girls are sooo adorable! I love the pics of them sleeping together. So precious!


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