Saturday, March 12, 2011

i'm the milk lady

Hi my name is Katie. My daughters are Lyla and June, and they are milkaholics.
Right now I feel like the rest of my life all I will do is feed a baby, change a diaper, put her down to sleep and repeat with #2. Luckily, the girls have been pretty good nursers and have been gaining an ounce a day. It's gone fairly well from the beginning- the lactation specialist at the hospital told me I was the poster child for colostrum. Not exactly what I'd choose to be the poster child for, but I guess I'll take it- I don't think I could win poster child for anything else at the moment. I wish I wasn't the only person who could do this because it is more than a full time job! He is a talented man, but this may be the one job Brad isn't qualified for.
June is kind of a foodie already, she only wants the real deal. When I put the binkie in her mouth she sort of gags and makes a disgusted face before taking it. When she eats she eats like an angry bird for a few minutes, then rests before her next course. She likes her meals separated into appetizer, main course, and dessert. She wants the whole restaurant experience at every feeding.
Lyla on the other hand tends to eat more slow and steady, it's incredibly relaxing for her and she can fall asleep on me or to a binkie. The funny thing is that a little back rub, foot rub, or hand massage is what she requires to wake up and keep eating.
Because they both have their own little styles and floppy heads I don't know how I could ever do tandem nursing without an extra pair of hands. I also don't feel like I could ever nurse modestly the way people do in public. Maybe some weeks from now I'll be more ready for some of those more advanced nursing techniques...
I must say my very favorite thing about nursing is when they're about done and they roll their eyes back in their head then give a big smile. I love that. I know they say real smiles aren't for a couple months, but I don't understand why these don't count. They seem so happy. I caught one of June's post feeding smiles the day after she was born: (still working on capturing one of Lylas)


Becky said...

Way to go Katie! That is awesome you are nursing your babies.

Natasha said...

So cute! You really are amazing Katie. I'm sure nursing twins is exhausting. I say it again, you are amazing. These little girls are very blessed to have a wonderful mother like you. I'm sure it seems like this phase of exhaustion will never end, but in a blink these two will be toddling off to play together after a meal of solid food and cow's milk. :)

Brad and Britt said...

I remember how much I felt like a "Cow" when I was nursing Bode...I can't imagine how it would feel with nursing 2!! My heart and my chest goes out to you! haha!

M+H said...

So cute. I love it! As for modestly nursing, that definitely is for later on, if even then. When Melia was born if I was in my own home I didn't care who I whipped them out in front of. I was like, "You're at MY house, you know what you're in for." (Of course, male audiences were excluded.) Looking back on it I can't believe I was so bold, but back then it was the only way I could survive. As for double nursing, I understand that too. I of course never had twins, so I don't understand quite to the same degree but I couldn't understand who people could nurse one side and pump the other simultaneously either. You may change your mind soon though. Nursing forsure gets WAY WAY easier and less handsy as you go. Eventually I didn't need any hands to nurse Melia. I'd just lay her on the boppy and she'd do the rest. I even played Nintendo with Spencer a couple of times while nursing after a while. :) As crazy as it is, I sortof miss nursing. I just loved that bond. Melia never lays that close for that long anymore. But oh, I'll be back there soon enough with a new little one, so I don't miss it that bad! :)

Da Denninghoff's said...

Katie you have so much vision! What youre doing is the most important thing you could do for your two darling girls! It's so obvious that you LOVE them so much! Transition to motherhood is the hardest! The first 1-2 months all i did was watch movies and nurse all day. Because I was nursing so much not only for feedings but being a human pacifier because my little girl refuses to take any binky. It's so easy to get down and feel like youve havent accomplished much, but YOU ARE! Let Brad do the cleaning and cooking:) Who cares if your house isnt as tidy as you would like it to be. Youre allowed to have an untidy house when you just gave birth to twins. No one can replace you! You are so needed and so loved by your family. It helps to talk to other mothers and have a listening ear. La leche league is a great group to join. Theres most likely a group that meets near you. Youre fantastic, beautiful and full of so much love! Youre a wonderful Mother!


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