Sunday, April 10, 2011

happy with newborns, it's true :)

I really want to appreciate all the fun and sweet little things I get to experience right now with these two little girls. You could sum up a lot of what I've said over the past weeks to "being a mom of twins is hard, whine, whine, but I love them."  When I'm extremely over tired it is almost immposible for my mind to reason and to appreciate whats going on in my life.  Luckily the good moments are happening more and more frequently, and the hard ones less and less. Hopefully that trend sticks!
Being a mom is quite the thing- it's really incomprehensible until it happens to you- the joy, the love, the lack of sleep- the physical and emotional ups and downs. I was so naive to think I could even imagine what it would actually be like!
When I think about them being older my first thought is how exciting it sounds for them to sleep through the night and not to be constantly feeding them all day. My next thought is that it's kinda sad that they will never be such sweet little cuddly babies again. We will never have sweet little baby Lyla and baby June again, and I know I'll miss a lot of things from this time.
This is what I love:
#1- Lyla and June are both so different. I really feel like they're equally cute, but in such different ways. They are each their own little person and the worst thought in the world is not having both of them in our lives now. In fact, my brain can't even remember what it was like before we knew them. When we called them Lyla and June while they were inside of me, yet had no idea what their little personalities were like or how they would look. Its like they've always been part of our family. They are a part of us.
#2- I love to watch their daddy gush over them.  Brad can be so cute with them and it's fun to see, what a good daddy.
#3- *Sometimes* feeding them is the sweetest little bonding time for me and each of them. I'll just say that.
#4- For some reason I absolutely love the way they like their hands up by their face with their little fingers sticking up while they look around. They're already starting to grow out of the newborn hands by the eyes thing, but whenever they do it I love it, it reminds me of those first few days in the hospital with them when we were just in awe.
#5- I love when they smile, whenever they do it melts my heart.  June is quite the little smiler, and Lyla has been doing it more and more. A couple weeks ago she looked right at me and gave me the biggest smile. I love that.
#6- I love when they're stretching out to wake up, especially when they go flat like a board. Oh, and when they yawn.
#7- I love when they wrap their little fingers around one of mine, I love how my thumb is the size of their palms.
#8- They make the funniest faces and the funniest noises. They are just so sweet and so adorable.
#9- I love watching them look around at the world with their big eyes and wondering whats going on in their head.
#10- It is fun how they are a magnet to posative attention and I get to just stand by the magnet and think "yup, they're mine."  I'm already so proud of them even though all they can do is eat, poop, and be cute.

Being a mom is pretty awesome even right now, but I'm still looking forward to some of the joys of twins that will come in the future!
For example, their conversation at 6 weeks isn't nearly as advanced as those famous 18 month old twins, but they are starting to interact. :)


M+H said...

I don't know if I've said this before, but you need to clarify in your posts which child is which. That way eventually we, your loyal readers, will learn to recognize their faces and will no longer need the clarification! :)

They're adorable. I cannot wait to come see them. Good thing I didn't come yet cause that icky cold turned into pneumonia and I'm still struggling to get over it. :( But one of these days I'll be HEALTHY and be able to come see the angels.

Natasha said...

They are soo cute! I can't wait to meet them!

The Oborn Supremacy said...

Katie now that June's face is feeling out she does look like you with those big eyes too. You have a little brad and Katie! They are so cute. Come out to Mom's once a week and hang out!

Rachel Hagen said...

oh they're really starting to fill out! They look adorable in their little jammies! And I'll have to agree with your other commenters: clarification of which one is which would be nice. :) But it does look like one little brad and one little katie! So cute!

Emily Hagen said...

LOVE the video of Lyla and June chatting with each other. I watched it again today after Taylor saw me sit down to the computer and promptly requested, "I wanna see pictures of Lyla and June." Figured she'd enjoy the video, and she did :)

I know what you mean about parenthood being incomprehensible...I was naive about how difficult it would be as well, but I think it's one of those things you have to experience to truly understand. I used to say, "Mom, how come you didn't warn me more?!" She always just laughs cuz she knows there's no way to explain that kind of sleep deprivation, nor that kind of love and joy. Oppposition in ALL things, right? Makes you appreciate your own mom more, that's for sure. Hope I can come up and visit you all again once I'm no longer sick!


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