Monday, April 18, 2011


They won't let me sleep, so I'll blog while I keep sticking binkies back in little mouths...
You may read about different hierarchy of needs in textbooks, but mine go like this:
1. feed babies/change babies/swaddle babies
2. sleep
3. eat
4. play with babies
5. do one thing for the house: groceries, Landry, make dinner, straighten up a room, etc.
6. something more for babies: go for a stroll, tummy time, etc.
7. something for me: a shower, get dressed, etc.
8. something fun to make me feel human: go out to dinner, go shopping, a little break. I'm not sure what else goes here...we don't make it this far down the list all that often.
I'm wishing the babies could understand that when they don't let me sleep it makes a crappy day for everyone. I go into survival mode and only take care of priority #1 and make desperate attempts to make it to priority #2. I feel like such a bad mom after a night of no sleep, its hard to talk or interact with the babies because I just want them to sleep so that I can too. Then I worry I'm delaying their development for my own selfish needs. I already can hold my head up and make noises and smile so I'm fine, even if I don't sleep... I'm just no fun when I don't get any rest. No one wants an ornery, boring mom, but that's what you get when you don't let her sleep. I just don't know how to reason with infants.
Still love the little stinkers. (and remind myself they are often little angels- as pictured above)


Charity said...

That picture is so adorable, Katie! And not that I understand completely because I don't have TWO darlings to deal with at night, but it is amazing what a different person one becomes without sleep. It's so frustrating after Sarah eats and then struggles to stay asleep in the middle of the night. Just go to sleep! You are feed, changed, swaddled, enjoying some white noise, rocking, and sucking your soothie. What more do you need, right?

Emily Hagen said...

LOVE the little smile! What dolls. And my list was exactly the same as yours when I first had Taylor...rarely made it past #2 as well. Don't worry, you are not hindering their development...otherwise I think almost every kid out there would be developmentally behind, cuz I don't know many moms that aren't completely exhausted zombies those first few months!

I love reading your blog cuz it totally reminds me of exactly how I felt (and how I know I will be feeling again in just 3 months here!)...wish I lived closer and could help out more. I'm impressed with how awesome you are doing with TWO babies!

Natasha said...

I LOVE that picture! They are sooo adorable! And Katie, you are an awesome mom! No sleep is HARD. They have two loving parents, that's pretty good stimulation for little babies. I imagine if you told your doctor that you were worried they will be behind because you feel you don't do enough fun things with them, he would laugh. You're doing great!


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