Monday, April 11, 2011

whose who

Per request I'm going to show anyone who is curious how to tell June and Lyla apart. They look so different to me I forget it can be hard to tell in pictures, probably impossible if you've never met them before...
When they were first born it was easy because Lyla was the one with the receding hairline, but then her hair started to fill in and June started loosing her hair, but it's already growing back I wouldn't go off of hairlines. :)
LYLA- "little brad" (in cute, girly form) she has longer hair (about 1" long). Her eyes are more almond shaped like Brads and darker. She has bigger lips and a rounder face.
JUNE- "little me" Her hair is shorter. (about 1 cm long) She recently lost her hair in front, but it's already beginning to fill in again. Her eyes are lighter and often open very wide. :) Even though she caught up to her sister in weight and is starting to get some chub, her face is narrower and more heart shaped.
Now you can tell them apart even w/o seeing their hair, right?
If all else fails, they are often seen with their binkies- Lyla has the grey elephant and June has the brown monkey. :)


Natasha said...

I love that you designated them as "little Brad" and "little me", because it's so true! I love it! Lyla really is a little Brad and June is a little you. So cute! Now neither of you can feel bad that your children don't look like you. You've each got a little twin. They are adorable!

M+H said...

I love them so much! And by the time I got to the binkie picture I could pick them out. I picked correctly even before I read about the binkies. :) And in the post below Lyla is in stripes and June is in flowers...RIGHT??! Please say yes! :) I love them both!

Katie Hagen said...

uh...heather, i must be a bad teacher because june is in stripes and lyla in flowers! was worth a shot. you'll just have to meet them in person as soon as you're healthy. :)

Katie Hagen said...

uh oh, i may have made it really confusing...if you were looking at the pictures in the older post then you were right, lyla was in stripes. :) the pictures in this post are opposite.

Luke & Bethany said...

So... after a month or so of reading your blog, I feel the need to come clean! My fiance stumbled upon a recipe on your blog, just before the girls were born... and I have been enjoying reading about your life and entering into motherhood ever since. I've recently moved away from friends and into a new stage in life, as I prepare for marriage (in just 39 days!) ... Your blog has been a wonderful "friend". Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful daughters.

I write, not as often or well as you, on this blog:


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