Monday, May 23, 2011

3 months?!

What the what?! Our little babes are already 3 months old. They aren't newborns at all anymore. They interact with each other a lot now and smile so much, I love it! Unfortnately the camera distracts them from these activities and it's so hard to capture! I love how fun they're getting, but also miss their newborn-ness that I can't get back.
Time is an enigma. For months I've known no days, instead I've known 2-4 hour blocks of feeding times. Maybe that has something to do with why it makes no sense to me that the girls are 3 months old. It seems like they've always been with us and it also really seems like yesterday that we were taking their itty bitty selves home from the hospital.
These last 3 months have been the most important and wonderful months of my life, I truly love being a mom to Lyla and June. What a lucky girl I am. little June bug.
You are such a beautiful, sweet little baby. At 3 months old you are every bit as curious as the day you were born, you love to look around.  You have recently found your hands and love to suck on your fists. You give us smiles and make cute little noises. Some of your noises sound like real words to me. When you cry is sounds like "" and you often respond to questions with a noise that sounds like "yeah". :) You are so good at tummy time and can lift up your head and shoulders. You're the sweetest little baby- we love you so so much!
love, mommy little Lyla bean.
You are such a darling little baby! You love to smile and sometimes I wake up to find you smiling at me.  You're a big talker and make all kinds of coos and fun, loud squeals.  You've got the eating and sleeping thing down pretty good which makes mommy so happy.  You saw your own hand a couple weeks ago and couldn't stop staring at it in awe, then you kind of forgot about it. :) You love bath time and get so relaxed when we let the water run over your head.  You have such a fun, sweet personality- we love you so much!
love, mommy
The traditional post-photo shoot nap, looking cute isn't all fun and games. These little athletes really earn their sleep. :)


LL said...

they're PERFECT!
I cannot believe it's been 3 months, WOW!

Kimba said...

wow, i can't believe that either! they're so beautiful, katie! i can't wait to meet them.


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