Tuesday, May 3, 2011

they like me.

We had such a nice blessing weekend, I'll probably do a little post about it when I upload pictures. Just thought I'd share how cute the girls were this morning. They are so happy and alert after their early morning feeding (somewhere around 7-8 AM), but I'm normally dead tired so I just swaddle them and make futile attempts to get them back to sleep. Yesterday I finally decided not to fight it and play with them. You can tell they just want to play.  They look like this every morning, like they're saying, "Mom, why are you trying to sleep, just look at how cute we are and how much we want to play."
I even did a video, it's kinda cute if you can see past my obnoxious baby voice..
I haven't been able to pin point when the girls started smiling. They've both had a couple random ones with me, but most of their smiles have been while sleeping or eating.  I worried they are just happy dreaming about when they were in heaven, then feel sorely disappointed when they must return back to reality with me.  It's hard to know if a baby really likes you if they don't smile at you.  On more than one occasion when I was at my whit's end I've told Brad they were trying to kill me. (you know, if insufficient sleep and surplus feeding could kill someone..)  What I'm getting at with all of this is that this morning they both intentionally gave me big smiles multiple times, definitely no accident. Subsequently, I think they like me.

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