Saturday, May 14, 2011

Names and Blessings

The girls blessing day was really quite perfect. I always want everything just so on special days and tend to stress out a little. I had to turn a blind eye on my wedding day from everything that wasn't the way I wanted it. (that's one time you just really can't do it yourself). 
I was able to get our house cleaned up during the week, make lots of food on Saturday, and give out assignments for even more food from our family.  The blessing day was so wonderful. The girls looked adorable and were perfect little angels all day. Brad did such a nice job with the blessings. It was so interesting to hear some of the same wonderful blessings that they both recieved, as well as things that were unique to their own individual personalities.  Having the girls looking good, me looking decent, food and the house ready for a celebration afterwards was a bit of an undertaking.  It all worked out and really was such a special, happy day.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and there was plenty of yummy food for all to eat.  Even though the girls slept through most of their special day, I'm sure they happily dreamt about all their new friends and family who were celebrating for them. :)


LL said...

I love that they each had their own style of dress. You're doing an amazing job Katie...they look perfect!

nerak said...

ok i cannot get over those little angel faces. everytime i don't think they can't get any cuter, you post another picture and i melt. all. over. again. i think my ovaries are popping with sheer envy.


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