Sunday, April 18, 2010

Good food, good company, good times.

This weekend was too fun! Brad worked hard for Zinch and we had Zinch dolla dolla bills all over the place. (that would be *fake* $ Brad took to the conference) :) I worked hard on my tan: naps in the sun by the pool with low SPF, two days in a row. I almost lost my pasty-winter white skin. Wonderful!
These are our friends, Cam & Brittny: They took us all over the place and we had fun hanging out with them and their bebe.
Brad had to work some of the time (that’s why we went there), but we still got to spend most of the time together and we had a blast. Cam and Brittny took me to a fun hike called camelback, I loved it! I haven’t been on a hike in who knows how long. I got a little vertigo on some of the steep parts, but overall it was great. We couldn’t go all the way to the top because it was getting too intense for lil’ Mckenna. And I don’t blame her, I would have been dying in a onesy, it was hot in shorts & a t-shirt.
Besides that we ate some amazing food.
We had a BBQ out by the pool with cam and brittny. It was tasty and brittny taught me an easy, cool way to cut peppers for kabobs.
Me and brad ate at a great Persian restaurant (reminiscent of the food in morocco, which we adored), mango’s yummy Mexican food, creamy and delicious FAT FREE and NO SUGAR ADDED (what the what?) gelato, and pizza from grimaldis! We ate this pizza in Brooklyn right before brad proposed. I’m glad I didn’t know then it was a chain restaurant because I probably would have thought it was less cool. But… now I’m so glad it’s a chain restaurant because we got to eat there on our trip to AZ and it’s the yummiest pizza ever! If you travel somewhere where there’s a grimaldis I recommend it, it’s truely delicious and not too pricey.
Very satisfying weekend, hopefully it gave me enough juice to get through this week.


Shantaye said...

I'm glad you had fun! I can't wait to start laying out so I'm not so white :) and I don't know what you are talking about with this whole needing to diet look way thin to me!

nerak said...

I'm so sad I missed seeing you guys! I didn't rent a car this trip, so it was kind of tricky trying to get around to see everyone that I wanted to. But I'm glad you guys had a good trip! You gotta love AZ for the sunshine and relaxed pace.

p.s. Oh, and I don't think Grimaldi's is a chain -- there's only 2. The one in Scottsdale is run by the nephew of the guy who owns the one in Brooklyn.

Emma said...

looks like you had a fun trip, i'm jealous you got to get away to the warm sun!

Brad and Britt said...

katie, that comment about you in the low spf cracked me up! you are such a clever little lass!


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