Friday, April 23, 2010

shake your bon bon!

So I read a blog post today from my friend Heather, it was all about an old obsession with Ricky Martin. It brought back all the ridiculous memories and I was so thouroughly entertained I wanted to share the love. Ricky got big while I was in Jr. High and I became obsessed with him. I listened to his music over and over. I stayed up all night to get tickets to his concert from Smithstix, I think we were on the 8th row. It was so epic, at the time. My brother in law gave me the above picture for Christmas one year and I displayed it proudly in my locker. (What  a perfect couple! Picture it, "Gay celebrity dates 14 year old girl.")

This is one of several collages I made using my calandar pages and photos I took at his concert. The picture in the middle has 2 gay guys who sat behind us at the concert, we thought it was silly of them to be there since we obviously had a better chance of being with ricky, you know, being girls and all.

I choreographed a dance to "Shake your bon-bon" with Heather. We always requested that song at the stomps. (school dances) I swear there was once a small group of girls behind us following all our moves, but that may have just been a jr. high fantasy where you think you're cooler than you actually are.

I once told my brother, "Ricky will be bigger than the Beatles." Those words burned in his memory and he has haunted me with them many times. He presented me with this "gift" at my wedding dinner:

Of course my brother immediately began taunting me when Ricky came out of the closet. Part of me knew he was gay...a small part. I close this blog, dedicated to the years I thought Ricky was straight, with my official twitter statement given after hearing of his official gayness: "what?! ricky martin came out of the closet? i would've been devastated in 9th grade...luckily now i'm married to a hot, straight, latino man."

that's right, gay ricky, take that.


M+H said...

Hey that's me in that picture! Lol! I seriously need copies of those concert pics. And I think you're right about the gaggle of girls dancing behind us following our moves. And I'm pretty sure we still did it in high school too. haha! On my blog I have thumbnails from peoples blog posts that come up on the side. For a moment I actually thought that was a picture of you and your husband. I knew I recognized him. Lol. It took a minute to realize it was Ricky! :)

Leisa Hanks said...

KT I know how you feel I think I have loved every gay male performer there was. Yes I loved Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert. We should start a club.


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