Thursday, April 8, 2010

Indian inspired yogurt breakfast smoothie

Since Brad and I are on a little health-kick, I'll probably blog about some of our healthy foods I've been making lately. (I decided not to eat chocolate this week, I gotta be excited about something...)
Strawerry banana Lassis were my favorite breakfast of my non-nesquick week.
I’m in love with mango lassis. In India they put cardamom in the mango lassis. I’ve made it with just a pinch, but I prefer straight up mango. I can’t wait till mangos are in season! In India they also put rosewater in some of their lassis, it’s not really my thing, but if you’ve never had the sensation of eating a rose I suggest you add 1/8-1/4 tsp of rosewater to a strawberry lassi. I’ve also had success with mixed berry lassis: strawberry/raspberry/blueberry. Since strawberries and bananas are in season and cheap, that’s the lassis I’ve made lately. Measurements are a bit guessy, but you can replace bananas/strawberries with all strawberries, 1 juicy mango, or any fruit. If you like it runnier, add more milk or juice. If you like it thick, omit the milk. (In the summer my favorite is a thick mango lassi, just mango/yogurt/ice cubes/sugar. That is heaven.)
2 bananas (frozen works good)
1 ½ C strawberries
¼ C milk
1 C plain, fat-free yogurt
3-4 ice cubes (I used 2 ice cubes of pineapple juice I happened to have in the freezer)
a spoonful or 2 of splenda/sugar


mountaincreekfoto said...

Yay for recipes!!! :)

Shantaye said...

K why aren't you going to culinary school? You would make an amazing chef!

LL said...

HELLLOOOOOOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL! So happy to see you blog! Alright, we must talk Mango Lassis. Seriously, we just had them for dinner last night. When mangos aren't in season, we buy the cans of mango pulp. (we have SEVERAL indian stores in the area) Hopefully you can find an indian store near you. Then just add yogurt and milk! Yum!


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