Wednesday, April 14, 2010

that awesome soup

Remember how I said I was on a health kick? Well, it was also my sister-in-law's birthday last weekend. I was in charge of baking the cake, and I hadn't used my angel food cake pan thing lead to another and I'll just say I don't feel healthy again. I did however discover that coconut cream and cream cheese whip into a beautiful concoction that you can stir strawberries into then stuff them into a cake that is like heaven. I love filling things, then covering them so that there's a surprise when you break into it.
Last week for the first few days we rigorously followed the cabbage soup diet. I've just felt too gross with the extra winter flub, I wanted quick results. I know there's never an easy solution, but the quick idea always draws me in even when all my health classes have always taught me that eating balanced meals and exercising regularly is the way to go. I always have to get up so early, and after clinicals/school I normally feel exhausted. I do stuff I don’t want to do all day and come home wanting to spend my free time doing something I enjoy- relaxing, being with my husband, messing around in the kitchen, seeing what’s up with people on FB, twitter, and blog world.
It’s easy enough to say I’m going to exercise at least every other day, but then it just doesn’t happen. There’s always an excuse. I’ve got to start doing it though, because I love food too much and if I deprive myself of it I’m not as happy and don’t seem to enjoy life quite as much. I know I’ll be happier with myself if I get in better shape though. I think I’m going to make my husband join the gym so that I have someone to go with.
I have been making some yummy healthy meals though- salmon tacos with cabbage and chipotle/lime cream on corn tortillas, chawarma chicken with greek salad… I forget to take pictures normally so next time I make those if I remember I’ll take a pic and share how I made them. This isn’t really springy, but for those freak spring storm days, this is an easy, delicious soup that can be altered to be very healthy. Fresh basil is a must and fresh tomatoes will be a bit better too.

2 ½ lbs fresh tomatoes or 2 large cans whole, peeled tomatoes
6 cloves garlic
1/4 C olive oil (or less)
2 small yellow onions, sliced
2-3 C chicken stock (or less, or water and a couple boullion cubes)
2 bay leaves
(2 Tbs butter-optional)
½ C red wine
½ C chopped fresh basil leaves
¾ C heavy cream or 1/2 C fat free sour cream
red pepper flakes
Preheat oven to 450°. (For fresh tomatoes, blanch in boiling water 1 min and remove skin.) Cut in halves and arrange with onions and garlic on a baking sheet lined with foil. Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Roast 20-30 min, or until caramelized. Remove from oven. Blend. Add to a stock pot with 1/2 C chicken stock, red wine, (butter), and bay leaves. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer 15-20 min. Add basil leaves and red pepper flakes. Add cream/sour cream and more stock/water if needed. Season with salt, pepper, and a little sugar.


Blake said...

Thanks for this recipe.. me and emily were just talking about needing a soup like this. Excited to try it!

annabella said...

That looks so yummy...the picture looks great and because of that...I'm going to try to make it too! It looks healthy as well...Thanks for sharing it!

Jill Vanikiotis said...

Tomato Basil Soup is my all time fav!! I always just go out and get some from Noodles and Co. but now I can do it myself!! Thanks Katie!! :)


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