Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i love spring!

You'd think I'd messed with the colors on this pic, but spring is just actually that beautiful! (on temple square)  It makes me so happy. Since we have a yard it's actually been kinda fun trying to figure out how to take care of it. Brad and I are both kinda clueless, and our house has given us a good challenge: The only flowers we had were irises, our lawn is lumpy and pathetic, the guy I hired to mow our lawn chucked a giant snake over the fence into our neighbors yard (I sure hope they didn't see that, I thought he was joking or I wouldn't have said it was a good idea...), 1/2 of our fall leaves were still stuck to the clay dirt that I was afraid to try and plant anything in.
Then my sweet mom came to our house with a truck load of compost and her roto-tiller to till the earth and prepare it for planting. We got rid of tons of leaves, weeds, and branches. The clean, dark brown dirt looked beautiful. I then felt confident to plant some flowers. I don't know that I have an eye for it, I just tried to pick out some perennials and some flowers I love and plant them wherever the garden looked particularly brown. We've still got a long way to go.   See how we have no privacy from our neighbors on that side? What would be a good shrub to cover them up? I love lilac bushes, maybe that would do the trick. It might rock Brad's allergies though. I also planted a little herb garden with some tomatoes and peppers:
Since our yard doesn't really look that awesome enjoy these pics of our visit to temple square, I love going there in the spring!

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