Tuesday, September 28, 2010

gender is everything.

Phew... what a relief to go into the doctor today and find out that both babies are growing healthy and strong! They are so big now with long limbs and looking just like regular babies, watching them move around so much made me feel like I must be numb inside to not have felt them yet...
The ultrasound tech said we are having 2 girls! Brad is excited to continue as the man of the house, although this does put the pressure on to produce some basketball-playing, tackling, nose-picking boys eventually. I was a little shocked. I was thinking it would be a boy and a girl, but was trying to prepare myself for the possibility of boys. For some reason I hadn't considered if they were both girls... Before we were just having babies, but now we're having 2 little girls! wow.
Now the nursery plans begin, the name game, the cutsey outfit shopping, the quilt making. So much to do now, I better go sew!

Both of the babies are little acrobats with their toes up by their foreheads. They're too big for one picture, but maintain their bunk bed positions, mixing things up by laying head-to-toe.
(note baby A's fist trying to punch baby B in the second pic. They're already getting along!)
Apparently this is the proof we're having girls:
(we'll really have to work on modesty with these two...)


Alicia said...

congratulations on your little ones!!! :)

Janae said...

Congrats!! And I totally thought they were going to be girls. :) They will be adorable!!

Bre said...

yay!!! How exciting!!! You will LOVE being a mommy of twins. Congrats.

Brooke said...

AHH Katie! I am so excited for you! Every time I see cute little baby clothes, I think of you...how much fun to have two cute little girls!

M+H said...

Oh my gosh that is going to be sooooo fun! Girls are SOOO fun--I am LOVING mommyhood especially at this stage. You need to come hang out with me and you'll get even more excited for girls. Melia is getting more and more fun every day, it's a BLAST! Call me. 898-4677.

Da Denninghoff's said...

exciting! congratulations.

Andrea said...

Katie -
Random blog stalker. I have connections to your sister in law Rachel, and met your husband a few times when my brother lived in a house with him. Anyway, my friend jenna told me I should read your blog b/c you are pregnant with twins and so am I. We're due March 19 with (they think) boy/girl. Would love to have another twin mom to talk with! Our blog is andreatrevor.blogspot.com but it's private. my email is acp389atgmail. Email me your address and I'll add ya! Good luck with everything!
Andrea Roche


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