Saturday, September 18, 2010

my passport says Katie Lewis

This isn't complaining, not really, because I wouldn't expect to get any sympathy. I've been able to travel a lot in my life, I know... but I must say this whole crazy year of nursing school I've been dreaming about some amazing trip I'd be able to plan after it was all over. Life never goes as planned though... and now that we have twins coming I long even more for some "last hurrah". It's slowly dawning on me that it could be a very long while before I need to bother with changing my passport to "Katie Hagen".
Travel was always the one thing that (before I got married) made me feel like I would want to wait a few years before having kiddos, I'd never trade this opportunity for twins and I'm completely thrilled about it, but that doesn't mean I'm not mourning the immenent loss of my ablility to travel the the far and exotic corners of the world. I want Egypt. I want Thailand. I want China. I want to go down under. I want a euro trip w/ my husband.  I want to take Brad to Chile and visit my people, I want him to take me to Taiwan and do the same. A few too many "I wants" I suppose? I guess I'm feeling a little selfish right now, I realize it's not very becoming, but thats just how I feel right now. I won't even have the option to be selfish in a few months, so maybe its okay to feel that way just occasionally right now...
I guess that actually was complaining. I just wanted to complain a little before I got back to studying for the NCLEX. Thanks for your time, sorry if you read this. I should really get a journal. (you know, one so my grandkids think I'm awesome and another to complain in that I'll burn one day...)


Bre said...

totally understand. I LOVED traveling pre-twins days. The other day mark and I were out for a walk with the twins and we were trying to figure out when we realistically could get away...we figure it'll be at least two years. :) oh well, ce la vie. Well worth it for sure!

Natasha said...

I like your two journal idea...I've definitely torn a couple pages from some past journals. :)

LL said...

Look at it this way....You are planning for the greatest trip of your life. *MOTHERHOOD* It's a journey you won't need a passport for, but ohhhh the souveniers are the BEST! ;-)

M+H said...

Katie I feel the same way. I LOVE traveling. When I think about it I want to cry because I know I won't have many more opportunities, but I wouldn't trade Melia for anything of course. At least you have a husband who enjoys traveling. My husband doesn't like to fly--he wants to only go where he can forces us to take LOOOONG road trips. I still prefer going somewhere I HAVE to fly to to get there.


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