Friday, September 24, 2010

why are there still people who smoke, seriously?

So we have this guy working on our house who stepped outside to smoke, leaving our front door open. Our house filled with smoke and I became infuriated. I wanted to run outside and being choking him while yelling "this is what you're doing to my babies, you idiot, get off my property!" but then I realized that would have been really crazy, so I just made brad politely ask his superior to tell him not to smoke anywhere near our home again. I think everyone is a little crazy, its all about whether you act on it or not...

P.S. Smoking is still more crazy than choking a smoker... I can't comprehend how there are still people who decide to start smoking. (Is it the expense, the shortened life, or decreased quality of life that is most appealing?) This guy keeps making these awful huking noises like he has lung disease at 20 something, I keep wondering where his spit is going... and the whole thing makes me a little nauseated.


M+H said...

Yuck. Smoke is nasty. Don't ever go to China.

***Julia Vanikiotis*** said...

You know what really gets me? The one's who smoke outside the doors of the hospitals and doctors offices. It bothers me anywhere but those one's really get to me. Thanks for forcing the side effects of YOUR horribly disgusting bad habit on ME. UGH!


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