Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nesting, phase 1

So, there are about a million things I want to do in our house to make it more livable/comfortable/happy before the twins come. (move our TV room upstairs once we finish painting up there, fix water damage and paint in the family room once we fix the roof, get some new furniture for the family room once we pull up the carpet and redo the hardwood floor, get a fireplace, retile the bathroom with a normal bath/shower, knock down the wall between the family room and kitchen so it's more like a great room, paint/furnish/decorate the nursery, possibly get plantation shutters in several of these rooms...a bit much, but it all seems important, right?) It makes me tired every time the wheels start turning in my head, but we finally finished our bedroom yesterday! 1 room down, 4 more to go.
Let's see, now we've got the kitchen, 1/2 of the bathroom, and the bedroom finished (minus new window coverings), that only took us a year so we should be able to do everthing else in a few months...easily....
I'll just focus on what we've done, it started out w/ yucky floors and plain walls:
More views, including shots of our floor (our pride and joy), and the stained glass that I adore.
Brad got me this large Ikea closet for my birthday gift and it was quite the accomplishment that he built it, turned out to be pretty complicated. We had to get this so we can slowly transition our closet (which is actually another bedroom) into a nursery.
I think this will be a nice place to rest on occasion when babies are sleeping...

Sweet Dreams!


Colby and Steph said...

You guys did an awesome job. Hardwood floors is a big project. Huge mess and a lot of steps. We did that when we moved into our house. I love that you have already started nesting. I will tell you is a lot easier to do it when they are inside, so get as much done now as you can. Good luck!!

Mirna said...

love it, love it, love it! let me know if you need a hand, can work on Sat mornings! :o)


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