Monday, September 6, 2010

san fran

I uploaded the few random pics I took in San Fran, Brad worked hard so I tried to play hard for the both of us. :)
I took a tour bus around the city one day, it was actually pretty fun! I got to see some of the sights while looking like a total dork, but who cared when I was all alone?

and make a pilgrimage to the chocoholic mecca:

I ate lunch at the loveliest little spot, crown and crumpets. A nice bowl of soup, french bread, and english magazines for the lone diner. I got a kara's cupcake for dessert, honestly I wasn't that impressed. Maybe sometimes I just get more satisfaction out of creating my own yumminess...
Rachel decided to show me how to see the city like a local, she already knows all the cool stuff (like where to get a mani/pedi for $25). We went to some Zinch parties and ate dinner with friends- china town, Italian, Indian. I want to go on a San Francisco food tour next time I'm there...
To top off the trip Brad surprised me with tickets to wicked, which was completely fabulous! I love that man.

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