Wednesday, September 8, 2010

labor day bump

say hello to a tiny pooch! I'm so glad I decided to take a pic of myself last week, once I'm ginormous I can recall the way I once was... And you have to get one of those awkward shots where you're 13 weeks pregnant, right? I'm not showing yet, I'm "thickening"- loosing my waist, no longer wearing 1/2 of my pants, and trying to remember that this is an acceptable pooch and not to try and suck in as it pops out when i sit.
What is shocking is that I took the first picture on Thursday, then somehow over labor day weekend I suddenly just popped out! I didn't look in a mirror all weekend, then on Tuesday I suddenly said "whoa...that wasn't there last time I checked."
Last Thursday's mini-pooch: (13 weeks)
today's much more noticable tummy: (14 weeks)
Now I realize my emotions as of late have made me extra sensitive, but it's amazing how quickly after you announce you're having a baby that a plethora of irritating questions ensue:
Were you trying to have a baby? I enjoyed my friend Alicia's response to this, "No, we were trying to create a new species of house plant, and it all went terribly wrong."
Were you taking fertility medications? Look here stranger, are we suddenly going to start discussing each other's sex lives? Because this is all starting to get a little too personal for me...
FYI Twinsies run in my mom's family- she had twins, 2 of her sisters, and several of my cousins. Fraternal twins can be genetic (hyperovulation) and it doesn't "skip a generation", that's just a myth. :) So now that a couple of my least favorite questions are out there, let's stick to fun ones... like what genders they will be, how I shall decorate my nursery and such.


the jolleys said...

I didn't know you were pregnant!! congratulations!

Natasha said...

You do have a cute little bump now! Adorable!

Bre said...

Hey Katie,

I'm SO EXCITED FOR YOU! Having twins is like winning the lottery. I LOVE IT. Every day I just feel so lucky that I got two babies instead of one. It's amazing. Oh, and trust me, you will get even MORE crazy questions. My personal favorite was telling people that I was having a boy and a girl and then getting asked "So are they identical?" Ummm...seriously? Call me crazy, but I'm hoping for another set of twins (two sets, two pregnancy, and then be done sounds great to me!) Oh, and as far as the expense goes, I've started going to garage sale. I have found stuff that looks brand new and got it for $10 instead of paying $100 for it in the store. Salt Lake Mother of Twins club is having a huge garage sale in Sandy on the 18th. I saw it on craigslist if your interested. And you won't get huge, at least not as big as me, so don't let my pictures scare you! You are in for an amazing ride! ok, this is turning into a novel. :) Please feel free to contact me at anytime if you have questions!

Becky said...

You look adorable Katie!

Alicia said...

Your baby bump is adorable! I don't know what it is about 14 weeks, but I feel like I have suddenly expanded this week as well. At least you have the excuse of two little peanuts in there expanding your waistline. I keep trying to convince myself that I'm not just becoming morbidly obese, I'm pregnant, but sometimes it's hard to remember.

M+H said...

cute cute cute cute cute! i love it! sorry i'm one of the idiots who said "i thought it skipped a generation." :)

you really do look super cute and be sure to take belly pics regularly cause afterwards it is really fun to look back. when you're about to pop you feel huge, but then afterward when you look back at the pictures you'll still be like, "I WAS ENORMOUS!" and you didn't even realize you were as big as you were. okay...i am NOT saying you're going to be a WHALE--cause when you're pregnant you already feel like one and with twins i'm sure you'll feel even more like one...hmmm i'm just going to stop digging this hole now. you're going to be an adorably cute pregnant lady and i cannot wait to see it! and to hear what you're having and how you're going to decorate the nursery and what clothes they'll wear home from the hospital and what their names will be, etc. etc. etc. do you already have name ideas?

Katie Hagen said...

heather!!! no that wasn't one of the annoying questions...i was just clarifying :)

Brooke said...

Katie you are so cute!


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